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The daily ritual of a Great Blue Heron
The Afternoon Guest

A gentle splash breaks the silence
Ripples fan out from the corner of the pond
From my refuge on the deck I see him
A slightly hunched slate blue "S"
Spindly stick legs partially submerged

I put my book down to watch him
As he silently waits for his prey
How different his Heron selves
The earth-creature so gangly, awkward
The air-creature so graceful, beautiful

He comes to visit late afternoon
His wing span casting shadows on the water
Making lazy circles, choosing his landing
Watching his routine
One can almost see a long extinct raptor
Did early creatures fear them
As the pond denizens fear him

He briefly patrols the shoreline
Searching for tasty morsels
Appetite sated, it is time for him to leave
Time to transform from a hunched blue-grey shadow
To a majestic creature of the skies

I envy him
Even as I gaze in awe
And I cannot help but wonder
How must it feel to fly...
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