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There's no escape from what you feel
Wind is blowing, gently hugging
With its warmth and care within
Watching sunset every day
Feels like saying farewell

Desperation of abandoned
Hunted by the wicked thoughts
Knows no limits in the dark
Where is no place for the light

Watching moon and stars appearing
On a sky, so dark and empty
Leaves a place for hope, for faith
Of sun returning for the day

Night is time for lonely soul
To face one’s feelings, thoughts alone
There’s no escaping from yourself
Self – torture won’t solve a thing

All the living creatures hiding in the dark
Running from themselves when there’s no one else
Everyone has problems, making people darker
No one wants to face them, no one wants to change them

Visiting the beach, watching for the waves
Ocean feels so careless, constant and relaxing
But I don’t see another one around me
Who’d be that person to assist me in my lifetrip?
Running away from the feels I have
There is no way to make them go away
An endless sprint without the end
I’ve tired of that, and so I stayed

They got me all without resist
Feels I have ignored so far
People hurt by ignorance of mine
By fear of making them regret me

Acceptance is desired solution
You cannot run from yourself
You cannot run from the dearest
You cannot run from your love

Next moment my eyes turned to the sky
The sun came by, and so the light
Came down on me, on who I was
And who I am in life of mine and others’

You see the sun – you’re not alone
There’s someone else in world you know
The one who share your feels and thoughts
The bonds of love between the two

Hiding out nor being blind
Are ways to hurt someone
You treat as dearest in your dreams
Don’t run away, just stay in two
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