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Lupa awakes in a terrifying situation...

I dare not leave my hiding spot, for I know I shall not outrun the beast. It prowls the room adjacent; snarling, salivating, the flesh of its last victim wedged deep within its maw. I have no illusions of survival. Eventually the beast will find me. But if you manage to outlive this nightmare, if you should discover me, I write this letter to inform you of my fate, and to tell you that I love you.

I awoke in a pitch-black room, alone, weakened, and stripped of my effects, save my garbs. A stream of light filtered through the cracks of a dilapidated window, and from the hue of the rays I could gather that it was early dawn, though I am unsure of how many days had passed since my abduction. The air was strangely silent; broken only by the rhythmic chiming of a bell somewhere off in the distance. The pain I observed I later discovered emanated from a small hole in my right arm, a wound no larger than that of a pinprick. It was still oozing blood, and had been for some time, evidenced by the dark red trail carving a path across my skin. As afraid as I was of the potential poison coursing through my veins, I surmised that my relatively stable condition meant that it could not be immediately potent, and therefore assessed that I had greater issues at hand, the foremost being how I would escape my confinement.

I do not recall how I arrived here; I am unable to recall anything following my stay in that peculiar tavern. The last I remember, I was penning yet another letter to you, when I heard a gentle rapping at the door to my lodgings. In an instance, a figure dressed in a ragged gown struck me with some manner of blunt object, and I quickly lost consciousness. I can give little detail of my assailant, save that its form was almost entirely inhuman; its posture bent and crooked in an impossible manner, and slung tightly across its right shoulder, was a burlap sack, a crimson liquid pooling at its base.

I resigned myself to wander my prison for, urging my eyes to adjust to the darkness, though this proved almost entirely futile. At most, I made out outlines, and used this to feel and clamber my way around the room, attempting to discover anything that may tell me more of my situation. I fell clumsily into what I believe to be medical equipment, feeling the serrated edge of a bone saw gnaw viciously at my skin. After several minutes, my eyes caught the subtle golden glow of light, penetrating a crack in a wooden figure. Desperately, my heart now bursting with hope, I dashed for it, arms outstretched. I clattered into the wooden object as my hands began frantically exploring the frame, looking for a handle of some kind. I could hear a dull pattering, akin to that of a dog, just outside. Eventually, my fingers brushed the cold, sharp metal of a broken door knob. Without hesitation, I twisted, and pushed forward on the door. The hinges screeched as light flooded into my chamber, allowing me my first real glimpse of my prior confinement. The walls were lined with dusty bookcases, filled with tombs and encyclopedia on a plethora of different topics. In the centre, sat a solitary medical chair, reclined backwards. Surrounding it was medical equipment of every variety, the sight of which did nothing to calm my already frayed nerves. Uneasily, but with hope still driving me forward, I stepped forward, and found myself in a long staircase. I began my descent, cautiously, but with optimism, listening as I went. The gentle pattering of paws drew closer, and as I approached, it began to mix with other, more unsettling sounds. The paws sounded sharper, as though claws protruded from behind thick fur. I heard what I can only describe as a wet, mushy sound, akin to that of footsteps over marshy wetland. As each sound became more pronounced, my speed decreased, and I began to hug the wall to my right more tightly.

Nothing could prepare me for what I saw as I reached the end of my descent. In the room adjacent, maw deep within the now open chest cavity of an elderly man, was a colossal creature, similar in form to a wolf, only far more grotesque. It's blood drenched fur was stretched and ripped over its flesh, and its skin presented gaping wounds, exposing a thick red muscle beneath it. It's eyes burned a deep red, and were entirely missing any visible iris or pupil. I stood for a moment, frozen in fear, vision fixated on this hideous monstrosity. I dared to take a single step backwards, as silently as I could, hoping not to the disturb the beast. My foot made contact with the first wooden ledge without a sound, as it did with the second, and the third. Tentatively, I carefully moved onto the fourth, a movement which elicited a deafening creak. I froze. The beast sat for a moment, unmoving, before its neck snapped to face me, exposing a thick, heavily disfigured face. The beast growled ferociously, before slowly moving towards me, its legs twisting in an unnatural motion. I stood, unable to move, as the creature bore down on me. I was paralysed with fear. I willed a reaction, any reaction, but my body would not yield. The beast drew closer, a vicious look in its eyes, its mouth twisted into a sadistic, almost human grin. Without warning, my body jolted, and I found myself free from my paralytic stance. I threw myself backwards, stumbling up the staircase, prompting the beast to break into an all out spring. My heart raced, my mind was blank. I collapsed through the wooden doors, kicking them closed with both my feet, before scrambling to the door in a vain attempt to prevent entry. The creature collided with the door, sending splinters scattering in all directions. Screeching, it backed away, before attempting another run at my makeshift barricade. It attempted twice thereafter, and still, the door remained intact. I heard a discontent grunting, as the creature sulked off down the staircase, and out of earshot. I attempted to recollect myself, to accept what had just occurred, at the very least. But my mind was filled with nothing. It refused to relive the event, as though the thought was simply to horrific to unnatural to bear. My nerves were frayed; I could physically feel my sanity draining from my addled mind. Despite my best efforts, I could not prevent my hands; no, my whole body, from shaking violently with fear.

I do not know what is happening in this town, Jessica. And I fear that what I have seen here may not even come close to the horrors you have witnessed. I desperately hope you are keeping safe. I wish I could have seen you again. I know I cannot stay here. The beast will eventually find me. I shall attempt to sprint past the creature, as fruitless as I know that will be.

I wish I could have seen you, just one last time.

All my Love.

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