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Let me tell you about my God, he is not like others
My God

I hear of many gods, different and strange
People do what they say, and they're not sure why
Some are born with their family's traditional god
Some mold their gods in their image
Many gods are demanding and aloof
Some gods require deprivation, others require murder
But my God is not like that
My God is not made in any image
My God does not have many arms
Is not part animal, and is not a part of creation
My God does not work in mysterious ways
My God is one
My God is neither male nor female, although He asks me to call him Father
My God does not ask me to dress a certain way,
or pray a certain way
or eat a certain food
or pray in a certain place
He does not have a symbol or icon
My God does not cause suffering, and He does not take children to be with Him
My God has a beautiful name, and it is not God, Lord, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna or Satan
My God hears me, and responds
He gives me wisdom, comfort, courage and hope
My God wants me to help others, not hurt them
He does not take sides in wars
My God invites all people to get to know him, whatever their religion, colour, age, race or sex
My God is not confined by His own laws
My God does not expect us to solve the world's problems, but has promised to intervene
My God tells the finale of the world from the beginning
My God always tells the truth
My God hates suffering, and has promised to put an end to it forever
My God promises to reverse all badness, and to bring my dead love ones back to life
My God will not let our earth die, because He made it for us
He is patient, kind and loving, and He wants me to be the same
My God knows the best way to live, and He has shown me how
He wants me to live forever
I think you would like my God, if you gave Him a chance
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