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Just an exercise that turned out well.
HE’S HOME!!!!!
Lily the Dachshund just noticed her human had come home. As the human entered she scampered up making a sound like nails falling on tile.
Her body took small hops and seemed to twist slightly in mid-air. She cheered since whenever her human came home she would get to go outside and dog did she have to shit. Lily walked right by her human and made sure he knew what she wanted. Because she was staring at the door. Of course he didn’t get it so she looked at him then back at the door. It was troublesome to have to explain it twice but he was taking too long so she again looked at him and then the door. Finally this dummy got it and grabbed the leash so she could lead him outside to where she would have to mark her territory. He requested they hold on so he could fetch the royal disposal units. It was kind of him to clean up after her and make sure that no one quite knew who was marking her territory with no evidence left to be found.
As the leash unclicked, Lily took notice and ran out on the deck and down the stairs into the lawn. Very quickly she found a proper spot and spread her royal essence for all to smell.
“Good girl.” Her human said.
She knew he was a suck up but these constant compliments felt nice. As she finished she embarked on a second journey to find a home for her Royal present to this world. The search was long and arduous, but ultimately a spot was found. Upon planting her staff so to speak she jumped into the royal dance. She had seen other royalty perform this dance but they wasted most of it covering their presents to the world. She instead would twirl and shoot grass everywhere. There was no need to be shameful of her gift everyone should know what service she has done for this world.
“Come on, Lily, that’s a good girl”
Her human had begged her once again to seek the safety of her castle for he was far too afraid of remaining in the wild without the protection of walls. She obliged him since she knew she would be owed a royal delicacy from her special pantry. As they entered the castle, the trained human removed his own leash and opened the inner door for her. She took her place at the royal feeding zone and waited for the human to obey. He did and retrieved her tasty bacon bone. This human had been trained so well that he also opened a meaty package of dinner and placed it in her dining room for her. Lily thanked her servant by ignoring him completely.
After dinner she found her roommate. A fat fat cat who barely moved throughout the day, but if she laid near him he would bathe her with his scratchy tongue. She greatly enjoyed his tributes and allowed him to perform this service since she was a good queen and respected her lessers. While receiving tribute from the cat Lily would often stare at her human to let him know this was the benefit of being queen. He could not receive this tribute since he was of peasant blood.
The human though had begun disrespecting her by staring at the magic window again. He had been told many times to pay proper attention to her and do his job. Lily leapt to her couch and began to stare at him. He placed his hand on her head and began to rub like his usual obedient self. This pleased her but he soon stopped. She decided he needed a reminder of who was queen and lifted her paw and let it fall on his arm. He had the gall to ignore her once again. Using her nose she wedged his arm loose and let it fall on her head. There’s no way this dummy would insult her further. But he only patted her lightly and continued staring at the magic window.
Lily reared up and raised both her paws. This was the mighty stance that felled all her foes. For she could now move and hit her opponent at the same time. Her human mocked her with a smile and actually raised his hands up in defiance. Lily stared at him in awe, how dare he! As he made the first swipe he immediately gave up and rubbed her chest as a sign of submissiveness. Lily continued staring her human down to make sure his subservience was complete. He continued to rub her chest. She slowly closed her paws around his hand making sure he did his job to completion. He struggled but only to move down and start rubbing her belly. This was the ultimate sign of submission to a human. She now knew he once again respected her authority and royal blood.
Eventually she let him stop so she could go lay in her bedroom. Later he would come to her room and beg to share the same space with her. To her weakness she would oblige him. She knew this kindness is what caused his earlier rebellion but she was a good queen and a good queen knows when to be nice and when to lay the smackdown.
This human would do and she hoped he wouldn’t be a problem once he got older. She hated taking care of her servants once they were past their usefulness.
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