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A poem about how much in our world is fake.

Fake media stories that frighten our young.
Fake promises made from a candidate's tongue.

Fake crab meat that's actually made out of fish,
and slices of cheese on a host's party dish.

Fake lips full of plump from the fat off her rear.
Fake boobs that her boyfriend holds ever so near.

Fake plants made of plastic and silk, save us time.
Fake books for the Feds, that could save us a dime.

Fake attitudes offered to draw our attentions,
from phony gold diggers with harmful intentions.

Your butt might be molded with plastic insertions.
Paid Army recruiter's tout friendly coercion's.

Fake hair on the head of your neighbor looks weird.
And yes, Santa's face, "HAY DON'T PULL ON MY BEARD!"

"Is this Mayo?" "It's not." "What's this stuff in the pot?"
"Looks like something you placed in the fridge then forgot."

Jim fakes being gay to get close to the gals,
"You just might convert me but let's just be pals."

The worlds a bit cockeyed, it fools us each day
So try keeping it real in a genuine way. 


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