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This description is meaningless it's only meant as a teaser for the first sentence.
To whom it may concern,
I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing this letter to inform you of my utter devotion to your services.To be clear only my 2nd sentence was meant to iterate my joy. This fourth sentence is just repeating the third’s intention, but I promise that the fifth will be a whole new subject. Here is the new subject, I’m of course referring to the subject of the first sentence. That sentence was intended to open this letter with a nice sentiment as to make you eager to continue reading. If you are wondering what I am intending to say that I think the twelfth sentence will prove useful. In the meantime please allow me to find the words necessary to render my thoughts more appropriately. Also, I am not wasting your time, sentence 11 will make that clear. This isn’t a waste of time since sentence 12 is next. Here’s the point of this letter… thanks for the sex.

Yours formally,
P.S. You should really see a doctor.
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