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A young couple embark on becoming parents in the new age.
The results were in and the Parker family had their catalog app in hand. Based on the samples given they could shop for every possible trait they could have in their future child/children, twins were an upsell package.
They first discussed hair color, “Oh I’ve always loved blonde, but autumn brown is nice too.”
“Blonde is nice but it’s also the most expensive.”
“Mmm we can always dye it later.”
“Oh honey… should it be a girl or boy?”
“Well now, that is indeed a question. Maybe that should’ve been question #1.”
On they went selecting fashionable styles and valuable personality ticks. OCD balanced with extra strength serotonin receptors was a popular package. It allowed a child to worry about the details but not let their bad thoughts get them down. The parkers giggled at the webbed toes feature. It was nice to imagine the possibilities.
With every choice they could use the slider at the bottom of the screen to move back and forth on the age spectrum. That way it was easy to see how a cute birthmark would progress overtime. This feature would be a cost saver on pricey cosmetic surgery later on. The slider has a subsection that allows you to zero in on your best puberty date. This allows for accurate advanced planning for events and parties and there is even a option to negate the whole process entirely, ask your representative about it.
It was the autism section that puzzled them. Most of the packages had unassuming names like, “Number fluent” and “quiet” It made them feel awkward so they skipped it. They did see an advanced button. It lead to a section with many sliders all regarding different intelligences. At the top of the screen in bold letters it read, “NOTE! By default your child will have the best possible intelligence attributes to aid in it’s growth. Changing these settings is for pro users only!”
At the end of the process the app asked a simple question:
Save for later / Finish / Start Over
The Parker’s hesitated, Mrs. Parker looked at Mr Parker and said, “I’m just not sure.”
She pressed Start Over. Thus was the end of Child00001. Child00002 would now begin its journey towards product launch.
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