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Thoughts of beach strolls
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A beach stroll under the warmth of the sun
The salty breeze gently delights my nose
Small, swift waves surprise my legs for some fun
The squishy sand feels great under my toes
A seabird glides by with a happy song
Kites flutter up, gleeful children at play
Some regal sand castles seem to belong
Sun shines on the ocean throughout the day
I spot a seashell colored pearly white
Decorations of coral dot the sand
The water still glistens so very bright
Easy strolls on the beach are surely grand
Time for some lunch, so it's back to the chair
Take in the sights, sounds, and scents in the air

A sonnet is three quatrains followed by a rhyming couplet, for a total of fourteen lines altogether.
Each line is 10 syllables long.
The sonnet has the following pattern:
abab, cdcd, efef, gg

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