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by Ben
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A poem describing the Anchor of my soul.
My ship in this tempest sea is tossed
Quite often, to and fro.
Not knowing where I go,
This helpless ship's my soul.

Though I meander, my way is never lost,
For, though It I cannot see,
It is not hard to believe
There is something holding me.

It is of great value but of no cost,
And, although some choose to mock
That which fastens to the Rock,
It holds me like a lock.

These harsh seas cause me to exhaust,
But I unceasingly find
My emotions, will, and mind
Are tethered to Its bind.

This Anchor is steadfast and casts all fear.
Death tried to move the Holder -
Though it lowered down its shoulder,
It could not budge the boulder,

For the Boulder's unchanged year by year,
And, though giants try to move it,
There's nothing to undo It,
And the Anchor's fastened to it!

The Boulder, the Anchor, and the Chain I hold dear,
For the Boulder has the grip,
And the Anchor holds my ship
While the Chain acts as a clip.

Three different things, these may appear,
Yet they are moved by none,
And together, act as one -
The Father, Spirit, and Son.

My ship in this tempest sea is tossed,
But whom shall I fear
When these, I hold dear,
Always keep me near?

The gates of Hell shall ne'er be crossed.
Avoiding all the lies
By those who'll meet demise,
I press on towards the prize.

The Celestial City is my vessel's goal,
And, though I may wander,
And life I will ponder,
I'll forever look yonder.

Jesus is the anchor of my soul.
So I always will know,
When tossed to and fro,
He will never let me go.
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