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children's poem about understanding a cat's meows
Maestro, My Talking Cat

Maestro, my feline friend,
has a kitty language of his own,
using it consistently and often,
only to me is it proudly shown.

*** Me-owwww***

“Me-owwww” means “it’s bedtime”,
he says with a wide yawn,
then curling up beside me,
he sleeps until dawn!

I often awaken at night
with his carcass across my chest,
a paw is in my open mouth,
he makes sure I don’t get to rest!


When he emphatically yells, “MEEOOW”,
with his tail pointed straight,
he wants to be fed immediately,
glaring ‘til food is on his plate!

Being a slave to his palate,
I stare at ten flavors of food,
hopefully, picking the one he wants,
so he won’t be in a bad mood!


When he gives a muffled “meoth”,
he has a gift to drop at my feet,
proudly depositing a poor little rat,
with feline pride and conceit!

Instead of screaming,
I give him kitty praise,
while trying not to stare,
I quickly avert my gaze!

***meow, meow, meow***

Three short meows in a row
means “Let me out of the house!”;
He wants to go hunt for prey,
like a little bunny or a big mouse!

As I open the door.
I ask him to be kind,
But he simply ignores me
as he begins a “search and find”!


A soft “mmmmeow’ means he loves me,
even if I am just his human,
he turns up the volume of his purr
as he regards me with feline acumen!

If he suddenly stops in mid-purr,
something has caught his attention,
I quickly look around the room
to see what trumped his affection!


I love you, dear Maestro,
especially how you talk to me;
“Meowowow” is “You are boring me”,
as he saunters away, so carefree!

I know he loves me, too,
while fulfilling my feline needs,
and being very intelligent, he knows
to never bite the hand the feeds!
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