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by mel
Rated: E · Chapter · Crime/Gangster · #2085710
Chapter 2 Tough Girl
"Wut up? guys"I asked through my live video called Gueno chat.

"Minton!, its not wut up its what's up"said my childhood Gino Cavaski.

"Oh sorry buddy you know my English its not so good"I said with a smile.

"Well anyways my name is Minton Onew and I lived here in Korea all my life. There are lots of fighting and gangs in my neighborhood. Gino is the leader of the gang Gun Cavaski. Gino is my roomate and my best friend. He works in Cafe de Love. Since he is great looking it works for him. But we are late on the rent so that's why I am gonna have a interview to a company called R.B.G its my dream job to be a business man one day so I hope they accept me. Oh even though I am smart for some other things not much like street smarts. Gino is street's smart"I said to my live chat fans.

"Minton I told you those people don't need to know about my personal life"said Gino with a I don't care face.

"But Gino you have so many fans and they admire you"I said with a please be nice to them face.

"Okay Minton, oh and your gonna be late"said Gino.

"What!, what time is it?"I asked very shocked.

"Oh my god its 9:30 AM I am gonna be so late"I said starting to change my clothes.

"There what do you think?"I asked Gino.

"Its too bright you should wear something more dark okay"said Gino giving me he's black suit.

"Okay thanks Gino I'm a go"I said starting to run.

"Wait!, Minton!"screamed Gino.

"What!"I screamed back.

"Fighting!"screamed Gino.

"Yes!"I screamed back with my fist up high.

I ran as fast as I could the building its kinda close to where I live.

9:45 AM

"Yes finally in the door"I said catching my breath from all that running.

I see three elevators crap! the two other ones closed in my face. Yes one is still open. The doors almost closing I rushed in. As I am in I see a girl with Raspberry hair, cute face, a black jacket and with long black boots really fierce looking.

"Am...sorry you don't mind right, I am so late for my interview"I said to the Raspberry girl.

"Go ahead"she replied.

All of sudden the elevator stops in a rough shake. In a sudden I fell on top of the girl in case for protection. But the shake is also at fault.

"Hey are you okay?"I asked her looking at her turn red.

That's weird there's something squishy in my hand I thought. The girl gets up with a very flushed face.

"You, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU HOW CAN YOU TOUCH A GIRL'S CHEST SO CARELESSLY!"screamed the girl covering her chest with her arms and with a very blushed face.

I see she's very shocked and mad great I done it now. She grabs my collared shirt.

"Am...am sorry it was a accident, so that's what I was touching uh"I said surprised its my first time actually having any physical contact with a girl. I was always just focused on studying.

"You!, this is no time to be thinking right now do you have a death wish?"asked the girl.

Just in the moment I was gonna taste her fist. The doors open to what seems to be the director leader standing in front of the elevator. The girl looks to the side.

"Uncle"she said letting go of me and fixing my collared shirt.

"I will get you later"she whispered into my ear.

I look at both of them and then I excuse myself out to run.

"Crap I am already late"I said running faster.

Three days later

"Hey Minton!, there's a letter for you from R.B.G the company"said Gino giving me the letter.

"Crap I am too scared to open it"I said giving the letter to him.

"Gino open it for me please and tell me the result okay"I said.

"Okay"said Gino.

"Dude your in!"screamed Gino happy.

"You liar really"I said not believing him.

"Yes!"I screamed looking at the result I passed it.

"Man Minton we have to celebrate with the gang"said Gino excited for me.

"Okay lets go"I said.

Finally my dream will come true.
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