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This is story of a young teen boy Jake, who is getting fat.
Hey, I'm Jake. I'm fourteen years old, I have brown hair and eyes and this is my story.
It was a hot summer day and I was swimming with my family. When I took off my T-shirt and put on my swimwear, my mom said: "Hey, looks like someone has gained some weight."."Wh-What?" I respond. "Look at your belly" she said. I looked down. She was right. My belly had gotten flabby. It was hanging at least one inch over my now skintight swimwear. Where did that fat came from? I hadn't notice that until now. I must had gained at least 15 lbs. I touched my belly. It was kinda soft, but I was feeling better than when I was skinny. I bend down to check temperature of the water and my swimwear ripped. My older brother Luke was laughing. He was 17, tall and muscular with blond hair and blue eyes. He was pretty and he was in his school football team. Girls liked him, but he was so horrible jerk. Sometimes I really hated him for his acts, because he only wants to raise his ego.
On the way to home, we stopped for fast food. I was really hungry. I had three burgers, a large cola and large fries. When I finished, I ordered one milkshake. It was so good. When we arrived home, I checked the scale. It was showing 130 lbs. At my height, because I'm only 5'6, it was really noticeable. I went to my room to put on my black tight jeans. They were tighter than I remembered, I didn't wear them for the whole summer, so I must have gained weight this summer. I didn't need to wear a belt anymore. I went to the kitchen for some chips and chocolate. I brought them into my room, sat on the sofa and started playing videogames, as I do every day. My brother was hanging out with his "awesome crew".
The next morning, someone was knocking on the door. "Move your lazy bottom, fattie, and go open the door!" shouted my brother. So now he will tease me about my gain, great. I went downstair and opened the door. It was Kyle, my best friend (same age, athletic body, black hair and green eyes). He was holding a basketball ball "Hey, Jake, wanna go out and play some basketball?" he asked. "Sure, of course!" I responded. We went to the playground. After an hour, I sat down and I took off my T-shirt, because I was really sweaty. He noticed my little weight gain. He touched my belly and said: "Woah, looks like you had gained a couple of pounds". I told him about my little gain and how my brother teases me about it. "That's cool, I think that you look great when you are soft" he said. I was happy that he liked it, because I like it too. He is a good friend, always on my side. After 15 minutes, we head to the fast food and we bought ourselves some food. In the evening we were at my home, because he was sleeping at my home this night. We were eating pizza and playing video games. It was a great time.
The next morning, my mom baked a cake for breakfast. I ate twice much cake as Kyle and my clothes got really tight. My brother came downstairs to get his breakfast. "Hey fatboy, leave me some cake" he said to me. I was ignoring him. After breakfast, me and Kyle went upstairs to my room and we sat down on my sofa. I took off my T-shirt to feel comfortable. Then Kyle took his T-shirt off too. My mom brought us a dozen donuts. I offered some to Kyle, but he said that he's not hungry so I ate them all. Then my favorite black jeans popped. We couldn't stop laughing. He slaped my belly. It was pretty jiggly. I liked that. I was slowly gaining to the end of summer.
At the end I was about 145 lbs. My old clothes didn't fit me anymore and I couldn't pass my jeans through my bottom, so I went to buy new one with Kyle. I bought new black jeans, white T-shirt, red swimwear, blue shorts, gray sweatpants and new underwear, because my bottom couldn't fit in the old ones anymore. I was starving so we went to a nearby restaurant. I bought some burgers. "What about trying out your new swimwear?" offered Kayl to me. "Why not" I respond. We went to the swimming pool. My new swimwear was fitting me nicely. "Hey Jake, I didn't noticed that you had gained more. What's your weight now?" told me Kyle. "Yeah, I was eating a little more lately. I'm about 145." said I. "Good work, I mean, that fat fit you nicely." he told me. "Thanks.". I went home after two hours. I was tired, so I took a pack of chips, laid down on sofa and started watching TV. In the afternoon, I went to the bathroom wearing my green boxers. I looked on my belly in the mirror. It was so soft and doughy. What a crazy holidays. It's the first of September next day and I thought what will my classmates say about my weight gain.

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