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by Angus
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A Man Works On His Birthday And Enjoys It! (Daily Flash Fiction Winner 5/30/16)


Josh Davis woke up to a beautiful bright blue morning. The birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, and most importantly, it was his birthday and he was going to go to work!

His job wasn’t an easy one, but it was something he loved to do. And the check he received for his services each week was always more than he thought it should have been.

After a hearty breakfast of pizza, applesauce, and sushi, Josh got behind the wheel of his little Volkswagen Bug and headed off to work.

As soon as he walked in the door his coworkers began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, and a few of them even gave him some small presents. He thanked them all, but he told them he still had a job to do.

Stepping through the double swinging doors, Josh surveyed all of the tools of his trade, trying to decide which one to start with. Since it was going to be such a delicate operation, he thought a paring knife would be most suited for the task at hand.

A sly grin creased his lips as he lightly ran his thumb along the blade…

But now he had another decision to make: where to start? He figured the eyes would be just as good as any.

With almost surgical skill, Josh carefully began carving the eyes out, taking pride to not do any more damage than necessary. There weren’t that many, and in his own twisted way he only wished there could have been more.

Now it was time to peel off some skin!

By lunch time he was finished, and as he stepped back out of the double doors he heard his boss ask, “Hey, Josh! Are those potatoes ready for the stew?”

“Yep,” he said. “All done!”

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