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A higher love exists when you're alone amid nature.

My efflorescence sings on the ground.
The loathsome oak leans low to listen.
Aching branches hang heavy;
unfurl breathless,
fanning glory.
Each burst fades, tumbles,
dutifully crumbles,
feeds life back to the giver.

Am I loved if I shelter myself
beneath the lightning-ravaged trunk?
Miraculous droplets of clear purity
descend on unprotected chin,
knowing I'm an unrepentant sinner
'til the day I spoil the ground
with my own decay.

Am I loved if I don't lend my instrument
to harmonize with your golden voice,
a wholesome symphony cascading over mountains
meant to spare my dry, forgotten valley?
I tell you I'm not worthy of you,
returning your 'heartfelt,' echoing praises.

Yet I will stand on my heart
just to hear your proclamations,
lifted higher by the faintest of nurturing words.
I gravitate to the hopeful heavens
to commune with a lasting felicity.
I have known love of the most immaculate perfection,
unlike the oily, piteous contempt that in veil slithers about.

But, I am as simple as dirt,
pale as death with two pink lungs.
I return to sit on scorched grass
beneath that withered tree,
thriving high on faithful bluff.
Thread-like roots yearn
God's tender mercy and the only reward
one solitary man can humbly receive.

This poem got its start thanks to one random poster in my notebook:
"Note: You are loved, my friend. *Heart* "

Then, the original poem, 'Am I Loved?' was spawned, raw and unedited, in my blog with an addendum...
"Am I Loved?

See, we can inspire one another here. Interaction is important to keep this community flourishing. There is no telling what beauty can bloom if we spare a few words for one another, now and then.


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