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Start of a modern fantasy, a Journey like no other awaits our traveler..
Day 1 Entry 1:

         The journey before me is filled with eagerly awaited surprises. I do have interesting sights I wish to quench my curiosity with, but what may come, may come. Blindly following a plan is incomprehensible to me. True you must have a destination to start a journey, but like a leaf blowing back and forth in autumn, it does not fall to the ground, but sways and glides, greeting the birds, feeling the air. It does a dance to the merry tune of the wind before it gently kisses the earth.
Yes I 'plan' to see Mt Fuji amongst many things. But I will NOT fall. I will feel the earth, delight my eyes with the sunrise as I say hello to the New Year.
This story of mine will be filled with people who's company I have enjoyed and places I will never forget.

Every destination begins with a step as it is commonly said. My first step is within the Halls of Heathrow. Where lights and reflections touch the floor leaving hazy ghosts, and a multitude of languages can be heard. To have the time to learn them all and hear the many stories being whispered by some and announced by others with laughter and smiles. Some feet tapping, arms folded, imitating the eagerness I feel to get up and start my adventure.
Ho! As if heard by the heavens, an announcement is proclaimed, feet everywhere cease and silence as the trumpets blare, signalling for all to begin boarding.
I leave you with these few words as I join the masses.

Tonight I fly,
Tonight I feel the air,
Tonight I shall dance in the wind and kiss the earth when I arrive.

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