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Rated: E · Serial · Fantasy · #2085981
Awaking in the sky, Taleisen wonders at the poetry of flight
Day 1 Entry 2:

         Awakening inside the giant metal beast, motionless wings carrying us through the sky with a thunderous roar. Isn't it a marvel at what we have accomplished. A fantasy explained. This age of science and technology brings wonders to the world, seen by any other this flight is magic, till we bite the apple of knowledge and all illusion falls like a curtain.
I know why we fly, but the magic is oh so fantastic. So I must put up the curtain again, and live like a child watching from wondrous eyes of grandeur. A living dream we can remember forever as we catch glimpses with every blink of an eye.
I much prefer my mind racing with wild explanations as to the current events.
Could it be that we hang in the sky, thread caught on the moon as the earth spins, the sun ushering our arrival? Or could it be as beautiful as sitting in a great whale swimming in the ocean of stars, wave of night blue clouds licking at its belly.
With the London Symphony playing through my ears, urging countless possibilities with every crescendo of the violin or playfulness of fingers on piano. Gods, even this music is a font of wondrous fantastical stories, so much so that I fear I will exhaust my mind with amazing fancies.

I close my eyes as the music slows. The piano whispering to the pace of my heart as it slows. Calm.
I take a breath and open my eyes. The stillness of the night is lovely. That, is that can be said. No flowery words or complicated sonnets of its beauty. The one word describes it in its simplicity most beautifully. The night is lovely.

I shall return, let this whale rock me to sleep, or is it a moon holding me by a thread?

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2085981-Journey-to-the-East-Day-1-Entry-2