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People watchers observe many obese people. You don’t have to wonder too long for why

Have another Pork Pie Danny
Thank you, yes I will
I’ve never really been too sure
If I have had my fill

It’s not that I am greedy
But pass me a Bacon Roll
Top it off with two large Chuckies
And a squirty Ketchup spool

I fancy a pack of Crackers
Along with a Truckle of Cheese
A couple of pints of Black and Tan
Would go down nicely please

So when you are in the kitchen
A big round plate of Bangers and Mash
Would settle my hungry belly
Before the Halloween BBQ Bash

There isn’t much that I can do
When there’s Apple Pie and Crumble
If you float them in a pint of Custard
You will never hear a grumble

Blueberry Pie with Raspberry Ripple
And a couple of fresh Cream Whips
If I only had a big enough mouth
I’d down a gallon of Chips

I really am not overweight
I’m as thin as an old stair rail
I live in a home with a crazy mirror
Where the Larder is the HOLY GRAIL
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