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Rated: E · Thesis · Action/Adventure · #2086042
The very beginnings of an idea that I've had.
I must be dead. That's what this is. I stepped in front of that black light and it killed me. I've never felt such an unbearable pain before. Then I saw the brightest light I'd ever seen, which really made me believe that i was dead. Inside the light was what must have been an angel. She was beautiful, with blonde hair and steel gray eyes. She looked at me, and smiled at me.
"you're not dead, but after this, I'm sure you'll wish you had died." She answered my thought with certainty, as if I'd spoken it out loud. Before I could decide what she meant, she grabbed my hand and the pain from the light slowly died away. Before I could get too comfortable, though, a new pain took over my body. I was entirely sure that my skin was on fire. It burned hotter and hotter and I couldn't help the scream that escaped my mouth. I looked down at my arms, sure that they would smell like burnt flesh and look like charcoal, but instead, I saw glowing tattoos in the same weird symbols as the boy with the green eyes. Before I knew what to think, the girl let go and in an instant vanished. My skin still felt like a hot iron, but I was back in front of the three men and boy.

They were looking at me incredulously,

"But you aren't even magic," The boy said, he glanced at his three attackers and in an instant was moving. I watched him, the way his body moved was quick and agile, like a cat. He kicked out and light exploded from the bottom of his feet, ramming into the three men and knocking them, surprised off their feet. He looked at me then and extended his hand, which was tattooed in blazing red and gold symbols. I cautiously put my hand into his, I saw the same glowing tattoos in my hand, except that they were silvery and gold. I wondered what they must mean, and also, what the girl meant when she told me that I would soon wish I had died.

The boy looked over the edge of the boat, and grabbed something out of his pocket. He whispered a few words that I didn't understand and threw what was in his pocket into the water. I looked down and saw a glowing circle. Before i knew what was happening, the boy pulled me off the edge of the boat and into the raging sea.
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