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by S-J
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A poem about a 14 year old cat. (Update 2018.Dear Kitty has crossed the rainbow bridge) :(
Kitty that is her name,
A cat without fame,

As bossy as can be,
Yet won't climb a tree.

As a kitten, she would,
Cause then she could.

Now she is a lot older,
The younger are bolder.

Now she just seems lazy,
Left the days she was crazy.

Can't climb, hunt, or jump,
With such a skinny rump.

From chickens, she steals food,
This causes her to get booed.

Of that she's not at all sorry,
Sometimes she is a worry.

She just loves attention,
She gets it from domination.

Yet she does get lots of love,
With cuddles and more thereof.

She is always fed very well,
A tin can is to her, like a bell.

If others have it, it's unfair,
She acts like I don't care.

Yet for her I do what's best,
Sometimes that is a quest.

Her body doesn't always behave,
Symptoms come like a tidal wave.

With her age, things do change,
It's scary when things are strange.

Yet I'll do my best, to see her through
Because I love her, yes I do.

(RIP Kitty 2002-2018)
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