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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2086111
Submission to Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest Round 18

A swindler made her a prisoner,
Aware she'd drown in deep despair,
Sinister how she felt so secure,
Unfair her unanswered prayer.

Hearts quicken if they're smitten,
By the temptation of abomination,
Left unforgiven, after she's bitten,
Now all creation faces damnation.

A novice disciple in total denial,
A violator, an unwitting traitor,
She bit the apple, accepted the idol,
Like a mother disobeys a dictator.

A criminal committing crimes invisible,
The snake then sought to undertake,
A stance critical of all things biblical,
The headache of her singular mistake.

Once the fruit slipped though sinless lips,
It became normal to live as a mortal,
Threats of apocalypse do now eclipse,
The quarrel of what is and isn't moral.

(20 Lines)

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