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by GailS
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2086180
When you find a cave, do you go in? I did, and just see what happened!
I was hiking along a mountain trail, my steps coming slower and slower in the hot sun. I was up above most of the trees, so there wasn't much shade. Rounding a corner, I came upon a cave. It was large enough to walk into, but I couldn't see past the entrance. Walking slowly up to it, I peered in. It was so dark inside! Should I go in?

Deciding to be brave, I turned on my flashlight and stepped inside..A soft rustling noise filled the cave. Glancing up, I saw hundreds of little brown bats clinging to the ceiling. Their small movements and occasional squeaks made the noises I'd heard. Since I was gazing overhead, I missed my footing and slipped on some loose rocks. I flailed my arms, trying to balance, dropped the flashlight, and fell down a slope; down, down, down into the dark.

I lay still among the rocks and the dust for a few minutes. I wondered how I'd get back again without a light. However, I didn't have to worry about that long. A loud whooshing and flapping noise came towards me, and then I felt huge claws grip my hat and my shoulders. I was lifted off my feet into the air! As I dangled helplessly from the creature's claws, we flew through the darkness. A light showed ahead, and we swooped out of the cave entrance.

Outside in the bright sunlight, I had to blink hard to get my eyes adjusted. Above me the whooshing sound continued, and I looked up into the huge wings and soft, furry tummy of a giant bat! Its mouse-like face took a quick look down at me, and then looked away again, as if it didn't much like what it saw. I swear I saw it shake its head in disgust.

Finally, we approached a small lake. I felt the claws open, and then I was falling through the air! Splash! I landed in icy cold mountain water. Luckily, I'm a good swimmer, so I struck out for shore.

As I pulled myself out onto a gravelly beach, I heard a squeaky voice call from above,

"And stay out!"

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