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Watching Canada geese nest on a pond.
A gaggle of geese out for a romp
What a grand sight to see!
At the edge of the rambling swamp
Was just where they wanted to be.

Honker,and Hooter, Showboat and Sam
Paddled without a care.
They dived and they ducked, but mostly swam.
They were happy just to be there.

Goslings that hatched only months ago,
In a nest by the lake -
Their mother and father watched them grow
Without ever taking a break!

Squawking and sputtering, Honker was loud,
Hooter, too, liked to be heard.
And, Showboat preened - exceedingly proud,
While Sam was a quiet little bird.

June and July and August went by,
As months are so prone to do.
The time was now short, soon they would fly
To visit a new pond or two.

Feathers replaced their juvenile down.
Their colors were brilliant and bright!
They’d return to their grassy hometown,
But right now they readied for flight.

Honker and Hooter, Showboat and Sam
Joined others who flew in a wedge.
I watched as they flew over the dam;
Their “v” straight as any knife edge.

I’ll be waiting to see them again
When spring brings a smile to this place.
What a homecoming there will be then,
Bringing a smile to my face!

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