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dedicated to all who lived and died to give us our freedom, never to be forgotten.
The Water Ran Red

Boom Boom Boom,
Barked batteries as hot projectiles zoomed.
Slammed into beaches causing violent plumes.
The first soldiers went in suffering doom.
The distant shore sadly became their tomb.

Bang Bang Bang,
Said the tapping machine gun as it sang.
The craft dropped its door, and out ran the gang.
They crawled in the sand til enemy sprang.
The men pulled out their Tommie's and they rang.

Chatter Chatter Chatter,
Bombs and bullets flew by with a clatter
Breaking things all around destroyed matter.
The bodies flew apart with a splatter.
Blood reigned down upon the Brave in tatters.

Die Die Die,
Troops poured in with their nation's battle cry.
The medics comfort the dying and sigh.
No longer could the enemy's General deny.
Hero's had to fight the battles of their lives.

Boom boom boom,
They battled over a series of rooms.
The space was ripe with gaseous fumes.
In the air, a sickening cloud looms.
It was like the flower of death was in bloom.

Bang bang bang,
Then a forty five went off with a clang.
An enemy fell from the overhang.
Snipers body fell like a boomerang.
The men shouted obscenity's in slang.

Chatter Chatter Chatter,
Officers faces could not look sadder,
as they stood there, bruised battered.
They wondered if all they done had mattered.
The wounded, no longer held their bladders.

Die Die Die,
A priest had to come in and cover eyes.
Constantly clergy moved, tried not to fry.
Over the shorelines, their spitfire's would fly.
The water was hue of sun setting sky.

Thank you to all the brave men and women who lived and died to give us our freedoms may your sacrifices never be forgotten.

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Syllable count - 10
307 words
41 lines

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