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Space age antics
set in a parallel dimension to The AllGear, Cloú and the Ahhpocalypse. In a dusty western age where space travel was pioneered by the grandfather of three genius prodigies in an era where it was unacceptable to craft or process anything that will pollute. In a golden space age of steam inventions, this world is filled with aliens, intelligent humanoid animals of every kind and dragons.

The brothers Eros, Aret and Phi'l Garrdin must walk in their grandfather's shoes using the handed down suits called Montis to save the galaxy and thwart an evil enemy while finding a way back home. They are locked away behind dense space debris using the device accidentally discovered by gramps back before space travel was even possible.
They are thrust into a metophorical fight against indeference and action. The only way to defeat the fear of failing is by facing reality with what they decide is the right course of action.
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