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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Adult · #2086568
What is truely valuable now, thoughts, feelings about what is...spiritual and factual
+ Love is a true diamond, in chemistry there exists a tripple bond where most chemical elements have a single bond which can more easily be broken. Ten sticks (like a bond found in a molecule, a stick being symbolic of the bond) are more difficult for a person to break all at once than a single stick. Each individual who exists, is like a diamond, we are strong! Look what an athlete can do, a person who lifts a car off of a person the car is on top of, or perhaps remaining strong for a person you love, that's suffering from cancer you stay by the side of, praying, loving and hoping he lives to see another day, and you are the only one who chose to be there for him. We are, a true living diamond.

+ Someone wants to shut down a nuclear power plant? Does anyone know what happens to nuclear energy that becomes unstable, or becomes, too hot? Ask a chemist, you won't like his answer. This is the kind of mistake, that could ultimately *COST* the lives of all flora, fauna, humanity all life in simple, plain terms without all of the mathematical formula talk. Well end, up looking like the moon. Anyone listening to this? What does water do when it boils.........it moves.......ever move a sleeping dragon, near or person? Disturbing their sleep can have not so good consequences........what happens if you shake a bomb.....or cut the wrong wire to stop it? I am a messenger, this is on movies. Watch one if you dont know. I sometimes wonder if the moon was once Mother Earth and people once inhabited it, nuclear energy was discovered and used, a mistake was made, then everything burned........

+ There are underground cities and places for the government to go and the space stations in the case of a world apocalypse or whatever. There's radon underground......no sun light.......and won't nuclear energy seep into the ground? Supplies don't last forever........

+ This one's hilarious! Get this! If two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bonded together to make, a water molecule, this creates water right? Why not, create it in the countries where it's needed at? On a nature t.v. program I watched, a beaver can find and dig a river out of nothing, as if created from magic. Bring them to countries such as Africa, places that have droughts, the Native American civilizations that need water in Arizona that have none that need it, instead of studying the behaviour of a fruit fly. Also, forget alchemy, turning lead into gold, finding eternal life, (we already exist forever, outside of our, shell, the flesh we inhabit), and building a time machine to time travel, sending a rocket up to explore the moon again. We need to feed starving people, clean up the worlds over abundance of pollution and find a way to solve bigger more world destruction problems than buying the newest cell phone invented that's out there. Oh, leave it up to the next generation. Everyone's becoming more and more not wanting to marry, the zika virus is making babies be born malformed, diseases are getting out of control. If we continue to keep ignoring these serious problems, lie and say, we'll improve this, well do that and never do, keep cutting down trees, keep taking from Mother Earth, not allowing her time to heal, regrow and replenish herself, none will be left here to live to see another day. Is this what all of you truly want, to no longer have a home to reside on? No more trees, no more puppies, no more children, nothing. Just a planet cold, unloving and completely void of all life, like the moon?

+ Someone should have never created nuclear energy, it shouldn't even be on Mother Earth. Mary is not the one who you've been told will betray you. Nor is the Devil. Nor is Isis. Nor is humanity. It will be the nuclear energy, we make a mistake of, mishandling. It is the ultimate destructor. As they say, something in the wrong hands, (can have serious consequences) can truly be bad. A baby with arsenic is something any parent would never want their baby to ever get a hold of that they truly love.

+ Algae pollution, in China or other bodies of water, such as a lake or pond. Ever wonder why you normally don't see algae forming in, glowing water? It keeps moving and flowing. Just like a pond with a water fountain in the middle of it that forms a powerful rippling vibration affect. It is then unable to form. Also bails of hay barley put into a pond or lake without water that can flow keeps algae from being able to form and grow. Look it up or ask the store called, "Sea Escapes" in IL. I'm sure chemists and farmers know about this too. They know. Acid rain? Tums. I seen a documentary on it in the 80s, they put tons of Tums into the water and it became as clear as a cloudless sky is on a sunny day afterwards. Pollution from landfills? A blind man I seen on another documentary creates, "Earthworm farms." An Earthworm he discovered can eat any kind of pollution and can survive, and only leaves harmless nitrogen afterwards. In knowing what is out there to help solve these problems of pollution, hunger, shortage of water, what is the problem? Why isn't anyone taking actions to resolve these problems?

+ Many say, "We never can have food to eat".

+ There are wild plants we can eat. Need coffee? Look up chicory root coffee. Chinese water lotus flower roots...you can eat dandilion leaves, (I heard before the plant flowers), and there's brocollini, or a thin, long, green stemmed wild plant that grows in a wild field that's similar to the appearance of brocolli and when cooked, tastes like it too, (also is normally only eaten before this plant flowers). I've seen people eat Earthworms. I also believe I read you can roast and eat maple tree seeds, and you dont need a "fishing" licence to eat cray fish, turtles or frog legs...

Do food pantries allow homeless people food or only those who have a home they live in to? Churches give food after a service on Sundays. If you eat a meal un a restaurant and can't pay for the meal, you wash dishes.....There's crayfish, frogs, acorns (they need to be boiled in hot water for at least 10 minutes to eliminate poison first from them before eating them), wild strawberries, etc. Clubs at a book store, library, etc. might provide free food and drinks...I seen on a survival show that the roots of thistles can be eaten. Also there are wild raspberries, black berries, mulberry tree berries, etc. you can eat too. Any other ideas, feel free to e-mail me and I'll put them on here for homeless or starving people to know about. Thanks.

+ Any individual of any kind who breaks any law or even misuses ANY kind of special skill or ability, can be found out about and caught. With knowing there is no privacy today anymore, think about it. There's always another individual who has more skill and ability other than wgat you can do that you can even ever begin to know that exists over yours. There is, the all seeing eye, on the back of a dollar bill. There are flies that have an all seeing view. An iguana has, a third eye, it can see light. Grasshoppers have a third, simple eye too. People say that my eyes are weird. Is the Holy See's eyes, weird? A grasshoppers, an iguanas, the Father's, how about the kind that Patrick Stewart had in the X-Men movie, when he could remote view, thousands of people, live all at once to find only one he was looking for, when he put a device on his head? Are they, weird to you? Being different is not weird. It's sad so many are so eager to laugh or make fun of someone who's different than they are. Would you want the same flavor of ice-cream every day, or have a new one because you got bored of having the same flavor every day? A person who has one eye of a different color, isn't weird, they were just born that way. It's actually pretty cool. A double terminated quartz crystal isn't a flaw or defect of nature v.s. a single crystal, it's awesome! So is a human twin. What is different, isn't always bad, wrong, something or someone to hate or fear. It can be good too. It would be very boring to only know of one thing or if everyone was exactly the same. A person who has a, unique ability that bullies another of their choice can be stopped. "Ask and you shall receive." Higher authority, do not tolerate bullies. Speak up! ;) Should a human bully a kitten? Do you believe it's right? Would you? Would bullying a baby of any kind be right? It's beneath me to. I'd rather love, nuture and feed them. Would you?
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