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by JaySee
Rated: E · Poetry · Arts · #2086586
This is a piece in a collection I'm working on, writing by hand. I will be publishing soon

free verse spewing forth from my mind
onto blank lined sheets of paper
a visual work in terrible handwriting
difficult to read
difficult for some to appreciate
so the value of a poet
in this day and age as depreciated
leaving mostly the greats
of a bygone era
for the masses to read at the library
paperbacks have become passe
the ebook is king
now even I can publish my verses
on an ereader service
libraries don't have space nor do they
care to carry copious copies
of all the literature available
in glorious cyberspace,
the superhighway of information
a means to an end,
mostly full of pornography
you can seek and find fine poetry
a craft created from the clever confines
of an arbitrary alphabet available
to all who are willing to consider
employable words strung togetherÂ
in an enjoyable fashion
fashion in a form that
doesn't die out or go out of style
yet stylized and endangered
take the plunge, get soaked in words
are you ready?

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