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I get them a lot.
Nosebleeds are like life
They are sudden and they leave you
And it’s silly for you to think this
Because you know
It happens all the time
It’s natural
But it kinda feels like you’re dying
And sometimes when
You think it’s over and
You’re bleeding everywhere
Stuffing tissues in your face
Pinching tightly
You try to stop it
Like you tried to stop
When you were driving and that
But he said
‘It’s okay, we can make it’
And you ended up stranded
In the blizzard
Life is like nosebleeds
Sometimes you feel dizzy
You go to the doctor
They give you pills to stop it
And you’re better
But sometimes
You feel it
And you wake up in a cold sweat
It’s dark, dark
And you wipe your face
Lights on
Your hands are bloody
And you sigh again
It’s just another inconvenience
Just like
Your brother
Or sister
Kinda like the water bill
When you know you paid it
But they charge you anyway
Nosebleeds are like life
Because even though you know
You’re okay
You still wonder
If you’ll bleed yourself to death
And cry and cry and
Life is like Nosebleeds
Because your life is consistent
Consistent and terrifying
But you’ve just become

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