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This is my first attempt to improve my writing skill.
As far as I know, literacy is defined as the ability to read and write rather than listen and speak. According to this definition, as long as you do not write, regardless of how much knowledge you bear in mind, you are counted as an illiterate. To expel this outrageous accusation, I will try to write in daily basis about different concerns. I hope some peers can see and send their feedback to me by which I can improve.

In last twenty four hours I was watching some documentaries about the revolution in France and its deep impact on relationship between governments and people in nineteenth and twentieth century.
Insurgency in Paris started in 1789 by complainant people suffering from economic hurdles and inspired by American war of independence. Institutionalized corruption in monarch system as well as natural drought and disasters fueled the public anger toward ruling system.
The most important activists of revolution were motivated by Enlightenment. From those, Maximillian Robespierre was prominent diligent anti-violence revolutionist who later turned to main character of Terror Reign in Paris. During 10 years, Dr. Guillotine's brainchild was never idle. Man had finally found a painless way to kill the mankind. The notion that revolutions eat its children was explicitly proved in France. All other following revolutions also followed the same rule.
During the same chunk of time, a British scientist named Edward Jenner was working on a vaccine against one of the most notorious diseases named small pox. Although ancient scientists have tried to practice immunization before, it was the Jenner who scientifically approved its efficiency in 1798. Edward Jenner was counted as one the 100 most effective people in Britain's history in 2003. It's claimed that no one in history was as important as Jenner to save the lives of man kind.
On the surface it seems Edward Jenner's works were more effective in alleviating human's pains. However, measuring the impact of French revolution in reshaping modern societies is not simply achievable.

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