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The second part of the story I made. I took in some suggestions.
I brush off my back as I sit up from the chocolate colored tree. My tears begin to dry as I look down at my phone. "2:18," I mutter, "I'm late."
. I rush off, my feet becoming easily tired and sore. I look up at the blue, cloudless afternoon sky and sigh.
. I ran for what seemed like forever until I reach the shaggy, ran down brick house I call home. "Mom? Dad?" I yell when I get no response to knocking on the door, "Are you here?"
. Shortly after I sit down on the porch, waiting for my parents, I hear high pitched glass shattering from the inside, followed by a heart wrenching cry of pain.
. "Mom!" I yell, sitting up from the rusty porch. I run to the door and scream for her again. Out of desperation, I bang on the door as hard as I can untill a slight redining appears on the back sides of my stiff hands. I walk around to where my bedroom would be and remember my window being always open.
. I rejoice for a quick moment as I see my bedroom window open as always, but shortly after crawl in the splinter inducing window sill. I hit my leg on the metal of my un-made bed and feel searing pain for a split second. I shake the pain off as I remember the reason I came in here. I hear a second, louder cry of pain from my mother, and start sprinting into the living room.
. I scream at the sight I see, now knowing what the word traumatizing means. I see my mother. She's on the floor, surrounded by a dark pool of blood, but the source un-recognized by me. I dial the police and start choking on my own tears.
. Minutes later, I finally hear the high pitched sirens of the people who might just save my mothers life. I run to the door and open it for the men in blue uniforms.
. "Just save her!" I yell as they start asking questions, " I don't know what happened! Please!" I scream, "Just save her! Now!"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2086898