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Third part
"Yes. I am immediate family." I showed up at the hospital hours after my mother was found. She was in serious condition and I was told clearly to come back later to see her.
. "Oh, well then," the secretary said, pushing a clip board near me, "name and age. Your mother is in a hospital induced coma at the moment. She should wake up in about three weeks. If she makes it, anyways."
. I push my hair out of my face and wipe away fresh tears. I sign were instructed and make my way to the waiting area.
. My phone is sitting in my pocket and I call my school to tell them why I am not there. They understand, say I'm in their prayers, and hang up. Minutes later a doctor comes out of a door next to the desk and calls my name. I sit up and start following him.
. He brings me to a room where I could see my mother. "she's a trooper," he says enthusiastically, "she already woke up from her coma, and now is in stable enough condition to see." My face lights up, but slowly dims at his next comment, "but she still might not make it. Serious brain damage was induced, so the chances are 50/50 at this point."
. I run up to her white and ocean blue bed, new tears now forming. "Mom?" I ask, "I love you, but don't give up. Please. I need you."
. Her answer is short and sweet, but in some ways traumatizing, "Lerrissa, It's my time to go. And its no ones fault."
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2086904-Lost-but-no-Forgotten