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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Spiritual · #2086909
An archaeologist finds a tablet about a sorcerer who will darken the sun.
word count: 2,894 prompt 1

Dr. John Reyes felt the relief of the stone tablet in excitement. He smiled with an open mouth while taking deep breaths. “After years of searching in the Howe Caverns for the hidden Wizard’s Tablet, it is mine!”

He got out a large notebook and held its contents in the light of a flashlight over it. “No one thought that a record of a sorcerer was in here. All my colleagues deemed me a crack pot, but here it is.”

Dr. Reyes deciphered the text and took pictures of the tablet. It took two hours to translate and when he was done, its writings disturbed him. “This speaks of the end of the world. And it says it is only one day away. I’m not one to believe in fairy tales but, there is something about this,” John said with a shiver.

It took him a few minutes to trace over it with a piece of chalk. “Now I know how Indiana Jones felt.”

The anxious archeologist climbed up along the cave trail of the one-hundred-fifty-six foot deep cavern. He admired the Coeymans and Manlius limestone formations with their ridged, blocky edges that reminded him of stacked dominoes. After forty five minutes, Dr. Reyes emerged from the cave. He ran with a satchel bag to the parking lot and hopped into his Ford Escape and drove out of the small Schoharie County back to New York City. He was going to show his fellow colleagues at the Archeological Institute of America his epic find. Just as he was about to step out of his SUV, that lingering feeling of the prophecy brought an even deeper conviction. All of a sudden it seemed like an epiphany. Its words brought waves of exhilaration that rushed through his body but also a sickening dread. He looked at one of the photos of the tablet; something was calling to him-like the words of the tablet were speaking to his heart, warning him that the prophecy was true. Instead of showing his fellow archeologist his find, he would go to his brother who he felt would believe him. John started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot with a squeal and drove off quickly as dust was flicked up. His heart was beating and his mouth was dry. [I}Am I losing my mind? he thought. It doesn’t matter; if I am, so be it! John pulled into his brother’s driveway. He walked between two rows of low palm trees to some steps onto a large white porch with a stain glass window on the front door. With a rapid knock, he waited. Moments seemed like minutes as the excitement over flowed him. Finally his brother Titus opened the door. “John, how are you?”

“I’ve discovered an amazing thing!”

“Whoa, there-relax. What’s up?”

“It may sound crazy, but I think I’ve found a prophecy of the end of the world!”

“Okay, John, just come in and sit down.”

John bolted inside and plopped on a couch chair. He took a deep breath to calm himself as he smoothed his shirt and straightened his hair.

“Okay, now start from the beginning and get ahold of yourself. When did all this happen?” Titus said.

“It occurred a few hours ago. I was in the Howe caverns and…”

“Does this have to do with that Sorcerer’s Stone?”

“That is from Harry Potter man! I’m serious!”

“Alright, what was it that you found?” asked Titus.

“It is a prophecy about a powerful wizard and that this being will bring perpetual darkness on the first day of summer-the 20th of June.”

“What!-and you believe it?”

“I know, I know. It sounds crazy.”

“And dimwitted-Look bro, I don’t believe in Bible prophecies or Nostradamus or what have you,” said Tutus.

“With all the church services that we and mom sat through, nothing sank in?”

“I prefer to think in non-absolutes. I like to keep an open mind and not commit one-hundred percent to anything. Look, I think your job is getting to you. It’s not healthy to spend hours alone where you mind can wander,” said Titus.

“In case you haven’t realized I’m kind of an outcast at work. None share my deep faith that I learned as a child. Some of my beliefs clash with a number conventional archeological…theories.”

“Religion is a whole different can of worms. Your prophecy is sheer, ill-gotten lore.”

“And if I’m right?”

“You’re not man. I hate to let you down but it’s a fairytale.”

John looked away and was tearing up. “My own brother does not believe me. Coming here was a mistake. You say your opened minded but you seem pretty closed minded to me. ”

John stood up and trudge towards the front door. Just as he did, Titus put his and on john’s shoulder. “Okay wait. Let’s say you’re right. What are we supposed to do about it?”

John paused. “I…I…don’t know. I never thought of that.”

“You see it’s pointless.”

“But why would someone write a prophetical warning just to scare people to no end?”

Titus shrugged. “No clue bro. It’s getting late. You should go home. ”

“You’re right. Sorry to bother you,” John said.

“It’s all good man. Have a good night.”

Titus’ dejected brother went home and went right to bed and set his alarm for church. That night he had an amazing dream. He was in a bright place with winged beings standing or flying around him. Then one approached him. He backed away but then he spoke “I am Terinth, a Spirit of Time. I visit you to give an instruction.”

“Wh…what do you want from me?” John asked.

“It pertains to the prophecy you read on the Wizard’s Tablet and there is something you must do. Tomorrow, you must read the prophecy in its language in front of the congregation. This act will allow me and my fellow spirits to appear in the physical realm. It will also unlock the faith for the people to believe the prophecy.”

John’s eyes widened and his mouth was open. “I’m dreaming but this is like no other dream I’ve had.” He walked to Terinth and put his hand out to touch him but a strong force radiating from the spirit pushed his hand way like two magnets with the same charge resisting one another.

“You are having a night vison. All that you see exists, but in another plain; a spiritual plain.”

“I don’t understand,” asked John.

“As you learned from the tablet, an evil sorcerer will come out of the NetherRealm and block out the sun tomorrow, the first day of summer. The Lord of The spirits has made another world in a different universe for those deemed righteous enough to enter through the portals leading there.”

“What will keep just anyone from going through the portals?”

“They’re invisible to all who are not deemed worthy just as I can only appear to the few chosen ones.”

“This is all so overwhelming. When did all this come to be?”

“Three-thousand years ago the wizard was so powerful that he obtained immortality. Yet he was wicked and vile and plagued the earth with his tyranny. It was decided that his havoc could not continue, so he was thrown in the NetherRealm, the dimension of evil and suffering. Soon he will find a way to escape his prison. But by existing in the NetherRealm so long with the evil souls of men and angels, he gained their combined power. As said on the tablet, he will emerge and use his heightened abilities to blacken the sun and plunge the Earth into darkness and cold.”

“Why would he do that? Won’t he die too?”

“All he can think of is revenge. He is mad and when he arrives, no amount of power, wealth, or worship will matter.” Terinth looked kindly to John. “Now I leave you. Do as I say and tomorrow you and the other humans chosen will be in a new paradise.”

The morning came quickly and John opened his eyes and sat up. “The dream…was it real? Did I really speak to that shining man?” Then he felt that deep feeling and he found himself driven by it. “It was real!-and today is the first day of summer! I have to go to church!” He arrived early and the pastor was reading out of his notes at the pulpit.

John held the paper with the relief that was traced on. He walked up the five steps that led to the altar. John was trying to keep himself toned down and coherent but he was also keeping an air of seriousness. He went to the pastor. “Pastor Rick How are you?”

Pastor Rick smiled warmly. “Hello John. Is there something you want?”

“Yes. I need to address the congregation. It is very dire.”

Rick’s eyelids widened and put his hand to his mouth. “What is it that is so important? I’ve never seen you so austere and avid.”

“I need for everyone to hear me at the same time. Trust me it is very important.”

“Rick looked down and shook his head. “Very well.”

Forty minutes later the room was full. After the people finished greeting and speaking to another, they sat down and silenced.

John wasted no time and laid paper on the pulpit counter. He took a deep breath and began speaking the ancient language of the wizard’s Tablet. His words were like Celtic mixed with Greek and Arabian. People were confused and began murmuring. Then a fat man in suspenders stood up. “What’s your deal man? Are you mad?”

Soon John finished and suddenly, a bright flash of white illumination lit up the room. Hovering in mid-air in a robe with a shining face and glowing eyes was a man with wings. It was Terinth. The situation was strange for only very few people seemed to react, while most simply sat and stared at john.

“A woman stood up. “An angel!”

Her husband looked up at her. “You see an angel, you must be hallucinating. There is nothing there Mary!”

“He’s right in front of you!”

The same situation was occurring around the room. Some people were gazing at Terinth while most were confused and saw nothing. Then…he spoke. “To you men and women chosen by the Lord of Hosts for your good hearts, I come to give a message.”

Some of those who did not see the spirit were trying to shake those who did back to realty and they thought they were out of their minds. Those who were blind to the angel were greatly afraid for their loved ones who were in an apparent catatonic state.

“Tomorrow a terrible thing will strike the entire Earth. It will bring about the end of the world. But do not fear. The man that stands before you will guide you to a gateway to another, more perfect world,” said Terinth.

John was surprised at how the people that saw Terinth, accept his words with no doubting or fear as all the chosen ones were smiling with gleaming faces.

“Now is the time to leave. I will greet you when you reach the other world.”

Terinth vanished and about thirty eyes were on John. Next John heard Terinth’s voice in his head. Return to the cave where you found the tablet-there, you will find the portal. First you must travel down seven blocks where you will meet the rest of the chosen people. Finally, a man with ten large buses will escort you all to Schoharie County.

“Those who saw the spirit, quickly follow me!”

He led them out and was met by people who had angelic visions as well. A young man ran to John. “Some of us saw an angel appeared in Central Park! He told us to follow you. You are John Reyes?”

“Yes, follow me!”

When John had made it to the last block, they saw ten buses. After piling in all the buses, they set off. John was sad that only three-hundred people out of all the crowds he went by were there. But he knew that people all over the world would be in the new one.

News broadcasts were buzzing with the worldwide visions of angels. Some who had visons were beaming with smiles as they narrated their encounter. Crackpots were saying it was the doing of aliens or a chemical viral strain was controlling minds. On the bus that John was on, he listened to a radio report: All across the globe people are claiming to have seen angels. Thousands are traveling to remote places where they claim portals will bring them to another dimension and that tomorrow is the end of the world. They seem to be led by leaders. Meanwhile this phenomenon is causing chaos as men and woman abandon their jobs and homes. The world trade system itself is under great peril. There are those who believe it is a worldwide cult propagated by subliminal messages from TV and radio. At this rate top sociologist predict the population will decrease by seven percent. We will keep you posted as the day unfolds.

John was sad that so many people would parish in several hours. What makes them so unworthy? But it was a matter of the heart and not actions that mattered. Soon they arrived.

When the people exited out of the busses, John got out a megaphone. “I will show you the way to the portal.”

It took an hour to reach the cave. But with no flashlights how were they to go in? Then, a ball of light appeared and illuminated the whole cave. Everyone smiled. As they continued, the people chattered about the new dimension and the new planet where they would live. After about two hours they all came to a wall where there was a circle with spiraling lines coming out of the center. John touched it and it began to glow. He stepped back and a whirling portal of blue light grew on the wall. John was about to step in when a woman cried out. “My child! I can’t find her!”

“What does she look like and what is her name?” asked John.

“She’s four feet tall, with short blond hair in a white Mickey Mouse shirt and stripped blue pants. Her name is Alison.”

“Stay here I’ll find her.”

John raced through the drove of people. He kept looking until his search brought him out of the cave. “Alison, Alison.”

Then he saw Alison crying. But there was a man in a black cloak holding her hand.

“Who are you!?”

“I am he! The implement of destruction! The bane of life on Earth! After three thousand years. My glory shall doom the face of the sun forever!“

“You’re him are you? Terinth was right; you are crazy. Take me in place of the girl”

“Hoo, hoo! No deal!”

The man was a lunatic. How could John help the girl? But was there a way to stop the prophecy from occurring altogether by killing the sorcerer? Then John recalled he was immortal.

Suddenly a metal bat hit him from behind and he collapsed and the girl ran to John. It was his brother, Titus.

“I’ve been following you.”

“Did you get a vision too?!”

“Nope. But no one gets the best of my ack!”

Titus was struck by a bright yellow lightning bolt from the wizard’s hand. “Enough with this trifling it is time!” Then he raised his arms and muttered some strange words. The sun was slowly being covered with black ink-like blobs. Darkness was casting deep shadows on the ground.

John spun around, and fled the necromancer. But he did not care and was laughing maniacally. John raced for the cave, holding the girl. It was still lit up inside and he ran faster worrying the portal may close. He was elated to see the last few people enter and jumped in after them. The world he saw was amazing. Two yellow suns and one blue one shone in the sky. Creatures of myth were all around them. Before John were grazing unicorns and they were whiter than anything they had scene. A group of golden phoenixes with long feathery tails flew overhead. A large sphinx with wings and long golden hair sat before a large crystal cathedral with pointy spires topped with gems of different kinds: topaz, emerald, blue diamond, sapphires, amethyst, opal, ruby and much more. A beautiful garden was full of oaks, pines and birch trees and others John wasn’t familiar with. Then descending from the sky with a golden glow was Terinth.

“Well done John. The righteous hearts that came here will spread out to fill this planet and they will make it even more beautiful. The Lord of Hosts will watch over you and give you wisdom to build and perfect buildings like that clear cathedral. And you will convers with all the creatures here.”

Farther away in the crowd, angels appeared to be speaking, obviously explaining what Terinth was to John.

And so a new civilization dawned and thrived on the new world. There was no war or death and the people were visited, every so often by angelic spirits. What glorious future would transpire for the rest of eternity?

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