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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Death · #2086914
Fourth part
I fall to the ground, rolling into a ball, as I here a high pitched flat line go off. I yell to the doctor and continue to even after she's declared dead. "Why? Mom! Why...why...why?" I choke on my own salty tears as I make a vow to myself. I will find who did this. I will find the monster who killed her and I will kill him myself.
I run out of the hospital and jump into my car. It's only then I noticed what mother said. "its no ones fault?" I ask myself, "and why did she call me Larissa? She didn't forget my name. Did she?" I become enraged at this thought and slam my fist on the glove box. I notice my own clear tears and wipe them off. New ones begin to form and I see shortly that wiping them away was useless. I turn the key to my engine and begin driving to a friends house. Once I was in the vicinity of the neighborhood, I stop my car and wait.
I see the school bus pull up to the curb and notice people getting off the yellow vehicle. I smile when I see Makaylla and run up to the brunette.
"Makaylla!" I yell, "my mom... She's...d-dead." I choke out the words as I notice everyone looking at me. Makaylla runs up to me, a serious look on her face. "Are you serious? Don't joke about this. This is seriously not a joking topic."
"Yes I'm serious," I yell, angrily. How could she think I was joking? "I'm not gonna skip school just to play a joke." I notice in crying more now. I stop for a moment and fall to the ground, everything spinning around me. The whole world going black.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2086914-Lost-but-not-Forgotten-Pt-4