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Nice guys finish last?
Rights Of The Past

The answer begs a question, why do nice guys finish last?
Like some distant memory straight out of the past,
Why do we think they should not be put first?
Does it just look like they are kissing ass?
Honestly it shows that they have excellent class,
They are gentlemen who are very well versed.

How would you feel if nice guys were crass?
Hiding in shadows and smoking grass,
Jumping out of the darkness just to be grabbing your purse,
Stealing a car and speeding away they're looking out through the glass,
Do you think these people go to church en masse?
I have a hard time comprehending how they live with the curse.

Trust me when I say there is always another way,
Nice guys don't have to live their lives in shame,
It's with truth and honesty they're stepping up their game,
The more life will throw at them, the harder they will play.

Although it sometimes causes them to have moments of dismay,
They will take on the burdens, shouldering the blame,
The nice guys have their bragging rights to claim,
They are triumphant over chaos, at the end of the day.

(Dante's variation)
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