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by mel
Rated: E · Chapter · Drama · #2087023
Chapter 2 Hug One
Three Months Later

"Trixie you clumsy girl, one day your gonna end up making a cat splat on the ground"said sister Gemma.

"Sorry sister, I will try better next time on the prayers"said Trixie mood down to five percent.

"Trixie I will be leaving for two weeks I hope the church is still standing when I come back. If you can handle this then I will send you to Rome to be a mother nun would you be okay with that?"said sister Gemma.

"Yes sister, I can finally be a mother nun I always dreamed of this day and its finally gonna happen"said Trixie. Mood level fifty percet.

All I have to do is just not cause trouble for two weeks thought Trixie.

"Sister Gemma do you need help with your luggage?"asked Trixie.

"Yes please, come darling the taxi is waiting"said sister Gemma.

"Bye sister"said Trixie waving goodbye.

"Stupid bar is piece of shit this damn beer is horrible"said Austin unbalanced mad throwing the bottle in the ground breaking into pieces.

"Hey look a church one of the last words Pixie told me"said Austin tearing up.

"Wait I need to stop drinking too much, now I am delusional great"said Austin looking at a girl that seem to look like Pixie waving at a taxi goodbye.

"Yup I am way too drunk because I am so sure Pixie died in my arms If I remember perfectly"said Austin so confused.

Dying of curiosity not sure if what he is seeing is real or fake. but he has to know for sure if its really her. so Austin followed the girl into the church very drunk. the girl goes into the confession room. waiting to hear sinner's confessions. Austin goes into the the sinner's room on the other side ready to confess.

"Father, I am here to confess a sin"said Austin so drunk he forgot there was a woman on the other side of the window.

"Yes please my son"said Trixie going along with it.

"My sin is loving the same woman my brother loves. not only that but she passed away three months ago and I just can't let go of her. I lost the woman I love and my brother too. we both distanced after her death it is hard on both of us"said Austin getting really sad choking on every word.

"Oh I feel horrible I cant breath"said Austin touching his chest.

Austin gets out of the room. Trixie comes out to see if hes okay.

"Sir are you okay?"asked Trixie worried.

"I think I am having a heart attack "said Austin in so much pain.

And then Austin fainted falling on Trixie almost hugging her.

"Sir!, Sir!, oh my are you okay? you cant be dead right?"asked Trixie scared.

Man I already made trouble after promising I would not cause trouble thought Trixie.

"Right I gotta call nine one one"said Trixie calling in the church's phone.


Hospital/ 1:10 PM

"Hmmm, where I'm I?"asked Austin looking around noticing he is in the hospital.

"Sir your in the hospital, a nun girl saved you from having a heart attack"said the doctor.

"What!"said Austin jumping off his bed and grabbing onto the doctor's collar.

She was real and I wasn't delusional thought Austin.

"Doctor how did she look like?asked Austin very shocked.

"She has pale skin, hazel eyes, short with nun clothes on"said the doctor.

"Where did she go?"asked Austin desperately.

"She left ten minutes ago I think"said the doctor.

Austin without thinking it twice runs off.

"Wait sir!, your pills"said the doctor.

Austin finds her, sees her in the elevator with her back turned.Trying to catch up, but missed his chance for crashing right into a patient a women.

"Hey watch where your going!"screamed a familiar voice.

Austin turns around.

"Austin, is that you?"asked the girl.

"Lily, why are you in here?"asked Austin.

"Oh I got in a rough fight that's all, but hey why are you in such a rush?"asked Lily.

"I think I just saw Pixie"said Austin.

"Austin come here sit down, I know you loved her a lot, but you need to let her go okay its been three months already"said Lily.

"And if she were alive I would know since I am her best friend"said Lily.

"Yea true"said Austin.

But to make sure I will find that nun thought Austin to himself.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2087023