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by EE
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Romance/Love · #2087101
A couple of lovers in spring.
Helen was waiting on her porch for Sam to come pick her up for their 76th date in two years. Finally, Sam's red motorcycle came down her driveway and parked in front of Helen. They were going on a romantic boat ride on the Mississippi. They made their way to the port with the wind rushing in their faces.
On the boat the crew prepared a fabulous dinner for the two lovers. Afterwards Sam took Helen onto the top deck. With one gentle movement he took her hand and knelt before her. Looking up into her shocking blue eyes he said," Helen I love you with all my heart. Will you be my bride?"
Helen fell silent. Then all of a sudden she cried out," Yes!" and together in the magenta sunset they kissed.
The End
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