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My first piece, short and hopefully thought provoking.
Silky Light.

The queerest feeling that is to be taken by your eyes and to follow the line of sight that ends up framing the one person that blanks out all others. To sight that thread of silky light that guides you to the one that can make your whole perception more in depth and sharp. To know that you will be a far more worthy person just by their existence.

And the feel of the panic. Blind and sightless when they no longer share your reality, the incapacitating moroseness of it all when you're no longer connected by that same silky light. To be totally removed from your perceptions and how to regain them, when they have been made with such a singular vision focused on that person. Loosing that footing to your world that has been and that you may not regain invites the cynicism of life and the loss that is so painful to try and rebuild then fail becomes ingrained on the heart. When you know no matter what you try to do nothing will regain the purity of that perception that once was. Yet eventually that time in the ether, the out of focus mist of life will fade. You will then find your own vision once more, focused on what you yourself wishes and eventually the silky light will return and guide you to another maybe the second perception that will compliment your own and you will be more aware of the greater possibilities that can be accomplished.

For perception of the ether, being out of phase with life allows you to look into yourself and that your musings may wander. To center and perform a self-critique but this is where the danger lies. It is one thing to let your attention fall into oneself and to muse of what could have been, but to then focus on the life passed then allows too much of the potential to drift by still in the out of focus ether. So take note, see yourself for who and what you maybe but then plan what you wish to be and find your own focus, then the world will return into shape and you may begin to action this to make your own silk of light and who knows who will follow what you lay out.

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