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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Family · #2087311
A girl named Belle and her family and held capitive by her ex-boyfriend's family.
}Sometimes do ever think that something is so bad that is has to be a dream. I do. When my family was held captive for only a couple days. I thought that the horror would never end. So did my family. But it went on. The true horrors that I went thought was like a horror movie.
I woke up in a room. It was pink with butterflies. I looked around. That was only my view from the pink bed sheet that I was wrapped in. The room was really bright pink. It looked like I was in one of my worst nightmare. Living in candy land. I looked towards the dresser. There was a family photo. It had my ex- boyfriend Eric and his family. But there was a little girl that I don't remember. Maybe it was his little sister that got kidnapped and killed. Her name was kaylie. She has dirty blond hair, and baby blue eyes. Eric loved her. The little sister that he never had. But soon after they adopted her, she got kidnapped and killed. Later to be found in the mountains. Then it got worst. That day that they found her I broke up with him.
I walked towards the door. To find out that I can walk right out. When I walked out, people were coming. I ran into the kitchen and hid in the easiest spot. I hid under the table. ''I don't know what we are going to do with her family, they know too much.'' Said his mom. ''Jen, its going to be okay. We can sell her little brother and older brother for a lot of money. Than the parents can be at a breeding farm.'' Said his dad. They started towards the room that I was in. I don't know what happened next. But his mom screamed. Right after Eric came upstairs. ''Mom! Are you okay? What happened?'' Asked Eric. Then, a couple minutes later he started to look for me. The first place that he looked was under the table
Eric, please just let my family go! Why are you doing this to me? He caught hold of my arm and started to pull me from under the table. ''You sure put up a fight. I loved you, and you broke my heart.'' He said. I started to scream. This could not be happing. This is a true horror movie. He finally let me go. I ran to look in all the rooms. I started to cry. They are gone. My family. This has to be a dream. This has to be a dream. It got to be. Then I got hit in the back with something. I wanted to get out with my family. I passed out. I had flashbacks of my family. I wanted to get out. But nothing happened.
Chapter 2
I woke up in the room again. But this time someone was in the room with me. Eric. Why are you doing this to me? Is it because I broke up with you? My mom found out. I still love you. I said. He had tears in his eyes. I knew that he still loves me too. '' You know too much. I wish that I don t have to do it. But my mom forced me. She said that she would kill you. That's my true weakness. I love you. I can't let her kill you.'' Eric, just let her kill me. Let my family go. Take a picture of me. Keep it with you. Then let your mom kill me. I said.
He just looked at me. ''Belle, I want to help you and your family escape. But my mom. She hates you. She wants you to suffer.'' Said Eric. Then I will just hang myself. Then my family will be set free. I said. It really does not matter. Its better than being in this hellhole. I started to cry. He left. Walked right out of the door. I screamed. I want to get out.
I looked around. The window. I whispered. I need something that I can pry the screen open. Wire Cutters. I said.
I got hit with. They were on the dresser. I ran to get them. I have never felt so happy. I got the Wire cutters. And started to cut through the screen. Yes! I said. I am going to be a happy girl with her family. I jumped out of the windowThe first thing that I know about his family is that they always keep their front door unlocked. So I slipped in without now one noticing. Which is good.

Chapter 3
I went down to the basement. Their car was gone so that is a good start. I ran down the stairs. Then what I did not know is that Eric was sitting in the basement. I stared at him. ''Belle, I know that you are there. I left wire cutters in there just for you.'' You are crazy Eric. What happened to you? I said. Then he attacked me. ''I love you. That's why I have to kill you! Your family are being took to a guy in Salt Lake. It's funny on minute you say that you love me the next you say im crazy. Yeah I might be crazy. But I will always love you''. He put his hands around my neck and started to choke me
I love you. I said in a small voice. This is going to be the end of me. I really do love him. But his family made him crazy. He took his hands off my neck. So it was my turn. I pushed him off of me and got on my feet. He charged at me. I pushed him off of me once again and ran towards the couch. Then he was on top of me trying to choke me again. We turned around. I was now choking him.
Then he stopped breathing. Eric! Wake up please. I love you. I started to cry. I started to do CPR. I love him. My first and only love. I killed. He started to breathe again. He hugged me close. He wiped my tears. ''I love you belle.'' He said. He kissed me. I got up. Eric, we need to get my family back.

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