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A positive and encouraging message I intend to send.
Dear Readers,

Hello there! I'm glad you found my portfolio. I hope we all become friends. You ought to continue to keep coming back for more... I have so much more to write and share. I've always been into sharing what I do, what I find out, my interests--a lot. Some of you have been very giving, and very generous. In gratitude, in return to causing me to feel at home around here, I have much to give back in return.

There's much I want to get out to you; advice, beneficial knowledge, and even some chuckles along the way! You ought to receive such things, and keep them within yourselves... I'd also like to think I'm writing a greeting towards those who visit my portfolio for the first time.

I noticed from someone else's portfolio that there's an option for writing memos and letters. A minute later, I started to think of writing this message out to you. Why not? I think it'll do a whole lot of good! We need more good things in our lives. Even during very troubling times such as these, you all need encouragement to start going in a much greater direction than before. There's no better time than now to start doing so.

To start, I have to ask; are you happy and satisfied with the life you live? Do you want to know how you can help change yourself, and the people around you? Do you want to know why public education sucks? Do you want to know if there could be more than what you already have?

To help bring the answers into focus, I will tell you right now that much of it doesn't involve any money. What I'm about to explain to you is much better than all the money there is - for it doesn't buy true happiness, and it never will.

What a great website this is, full of writers and readers. That's a really good thing! Never take that for granted! You know what else shouldn't be taken for granted? Books. Of course, there's obviously people who can edit any amount of information by hacking into it. Such people can really mislead, offend, and get you drunken up on your emotions. With books, there's none of that. Those online monitor people I know about, can't edit what's already printed on book pages.

I don't take my bookstore business for granted, because being surrounded with the knowledge that are in a bunch of them has much more value than all the money in the world... Knowledge is true gold.

There are of course people who don't like to read, or can't. Well, there's some really good films out there, which are just as good as a number of literature. The "Big-Head" material is what I really mean. I term it that, because once you're done reading a certain book or watching a certain film, it feels like your mind has expanded, and it never goes back to the size it was.

I hope this letter becomes a Big-Head piece of material.

The more good knowledge you get and keep with you, the more you can't be intimidated or be manipulated by the nasty people in this world. Once you start to understand how they are, and how they operate - you can figure out how to outsmart them. You could even figure out how to make them look dumb! Over here in America, online, there are people who are hired by the government. Some of them are paid to troll people. I've run quite into a few of them, on YouTube.

There are even people such as that guy Alex Jones of InfoWars, that so-called "conspiracy theorist", who are really there to tell a mixture of things; truths, half-truths, and lies. Really, he's not who he appears to be! Guess what he and former comedian Bill Hicks have in common? *Laugh* Have you ever noticed how much they look alike? Have you ever noticed how they similar their voices sound when they're yelling?

I laugh at that guy, Alex Jones... His theme song would be that one called, "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha." *Rolling* I had fun writing the poem about him, called Drama King. Out of all the dramatizing disinformation agents, he's the biggest one of them all.

Here's an example of really dumb moniturds who are telemarketers... (Moniturds, instead of monitors - get it?) These are people who say they are from Microsoft, and are calling about people's Windows computers. Not long ago, I received one of those calls. This guy with a foreign accent claimed he was, and I asked him what his website was. He replied, "Pardon?" I repeated the question, simply and clearly. There was a pause, shortly followed by the busy signal. Then, the call ended.

Yep, that's a true story! I find it funny, instead of creepy. See, I had an encounter with someone like that, who wrecked my old laptop. He said he was this expert who said he could fix my computer, make it run faster, by following his instructions. Oh, what a foolish thing that was. See, once you let these moniturds get into your computer, they'll leave some kind of virus or malware in there, the sneaky buggers. Then, they'd want you to pay them to remove it.

Don't allow yourselves to be conned by such people. I suggest you expose them. I enjoy making fun of them whenever they target me, directly or indirectly.

...In America, today's public education is not good. All the pointless excessive testing, the way simple math is taught differently, and more. There's a lot that's wrong with it. In fact, it's not really education at all. The best knowledge I've learned this year did not come from ANY lesson I learned in school. There are a bunch of people who are protesting against the Common Core standards. I strongly oppose it too. Did you know that a lot of classic literature has been cut out of English class? In their place is informational text, such as instruction manuals. There's no real story at all in those; just instructions. Why the heck would this narrow-minded, greedy businessman known as David Coleman do that? Here's the answer to that question. He doesn't care about the narrative form. He doesn't really care for education. He never even taught in any classroom, this "head architect" in the development of the English/Language Arts curriculum... There's a short video I know of, in which he doesn't sound nice at all. He doesn't sound like a very caring person at all. (This isn't for young kids to see, by the way. They should get their parents to see this video later on.) *Right* https://youtu.be/Pu6lin88YXU

Greed is never a positive influence! All it does is destroy. We live in a world that is run on "In Greed We Trust". This isn't just taking place in America. It's taking place all around the world. The people you ought to pay attention to are the greedy who figuratively put their fingers into too many pies. They are the ones who are deceiving you, really bad. Some certain wealthy people are among the worst.

Why must so many rely on systems that are run on greed? Must it be this way? "It's a necessary evil," some people may say. Well, I don't like that sentence. Whoever says something like that is a willing serf who doesn't care or understand what they're talking about.

Also, there are people who just don't want to talk about it. They don't even want to see or be shown the truth, and choose to ignore it. They believe all will work themselves out. They'd convince themselves that everything will be okay. (I mostly find that very sad.) The most ignorant and stubborn people are so foolish, in my honest opinion.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation." - Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era

How about those bullies for cops! There's many of them, who tend to think they are above the law. They being powerful enforcers of corrupted justice. Justice is an incredibly blurred line these days!

How could this be turned all around? How can humanity change in their direction?

The solution is before you, in educating yourselves. Knowledge truly is power! It's your best weapon.

Finding out the truth about education is a very good place for many of you to start. As I've mentioned earlier, there is a lot that I've recently learned that is never taught in a classroom, ever. Guess what? You don't go to school to become smart. Public "education" isn't so much about academic achievement - and it's no accident that the Common Core Standards has become so awful. It never has been an accident.

I've already found out quite a lot that's wrong about Common Core. I call it Rotten Core - but I would have to go into more detail on that later. That is, if you're willing and wanting to know more about this.

You should want to know more, because it involves saving yourselves from losing your identities. That's so important, to stay true to yourselves. To know the truths hidden in plain sight, to help you open your mind and eyes, to see and understand how truly free you are, that is so important! Who you are is more valuable than what you get, and how much it costs.

To make positive change, to improve our ways and be able to live free from terror and misery, we've got to be examples of it. We've got to stop relying on Authority; cops, politicians, government... They've allowed and even participated to make living in this world harder, and harder. They can break the law anytime they want. The laws exist only for us, the common people, to follow.

Yes, that's scary, but you must not submit to fear, or corruption! Never. Fearing them and/or passively watching our oppressors means letting them win.

I'm not only helping to light the way for you, but I am also rooting for you! You can do it! You just need to think for yourselves, and stay true to yourselves. I can't promise you that it will be easy, but to know the truth behind what so many of us for so long have been conditioned into as a society - that's tons more beneficial than allowing yourself to be surrounded by lies and deceit! They are nice sounding lies, oh yes - even convincing at times - but they will never save you.

To be herded along like sheep from one trend to the next isn't really living. The herders don't really care about us at all. They're loyal only to themselves. Their agendas for us are really for their benefit.

When I first learned about all this, I felt shocked, betrayed, and then angry. Humor helps dull out out most of my frustration, and it's better to see what's funny about the enemies of humanity than allow myself to be overwhelmed and be scared. I will NEVER give into fear!

Start arming yourselves with knowledge. Begin to be wary. To understand what you've been caged into, mentally... is to leave it.

I hope to hear back from you, sometime. Please, I encourage you to ask questions. I encourage you to respond.

Your benefactor,

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