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'society' killed their childhood, made them work from an early age no scope of study

Man is as high as he can dream. There are so many people who never believe in it and if you are going to tell it they must laugh at you. Even they may pinch that you have been living in a fool's paradise. Okay fine, you may tell them that you might have a wrong concept, but what about the successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and ranging from Mark Zukarbarg to a pride of Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Younus.All of them had big dreams and contributed their best to finally transform dreams into reality. Children are the key to success in the coming future and childhood is the most important stage of both mental and physical development.

But to the aspect of this country, more than a corer children have limited access to education and proper nutrition. Their struggle of life starts from living under the shade of a tree or go through fetal development in a slum in a womb of a hungry mother whose husband might have left her leaving nothing behind. This is why their child had never had the true taste of getting up brought during their childhood stage, but choose doing hard work in a factory or any other work station or choose to pick-pockets and beg in public, only just to meet all the family requirements.Â

Child Labor has been a significant issue for a developing country like Bangladesh. It engineers the demolition of the future generation. 'We' the 'society' killed their childhood, made them work from an early age, with no scope of going to school, we are gradually narrowing the Nation's potential to a few privileged people of the country.

We dreamed a country which will be the kid's paradise. Now a days isn't the dream becoming hard? Only because of poverty. Millions of people in our country living under the poverty line don't have enough food for a certain upcoming single day. So who can say how it will be possible for them to send their children to any type of school where there is no food to eat, No house to live or no second piece of Cloth to wear after shower.

For this reason they are sending their child to the factory instead of sending to school. And then the childhood sinking down into the earth forever becoming a victim of child labor. Dr.Muhammad Younus wrote a book named creating a World without poverty. We must proudly thank the The Nobel laureate for this Idea. Without creating a poverty free country it is impossible to fight Child labor.

However more important reasons may be identified as poverty and vulnerability, low quality education, social and cultural tradition and children's own desire. We the civil society often arrange seminar about child safety and child development. In those seminars, we really do nothing for child rights. Those seminars and programmes are nothing but a show to the world that we the civil society are aware of the issue, but in reality, everything's insane! Different laws and regulations have been enacted in Bangladesh with a view to protect children from labor.

A memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Bangladesh and ILO,IPEL was signed on Oct 11,1994 and IPEC activities were started in 1995. But in reality every day children are dramatically sacrificing their childhood by joining work to earn a living. Elimination of child labor is desirable but it is a difficult task in real term but not impossible at all. We have to understand the power of positive thinking. Phase by phase elimination of child labor may be possible if we work for it all together and we must be confident in our steps. Government must take actions to strictly enforce measures to stop child labor and to make school attendance affordable. Existing child labor laws need to be enforce effectively .

As extreme poverty compels children's to go to work, policy measure to reduce pressure of poverty on the poor household should be adopted. Beside, some form of social assistance perhaps be provided by professional social workers, voluntary organizations or even religious bodies. Thus, the solution of this problem lies in rapid socioeconomic development for removing poverty. After all it must be made sure that if child labour can not be totally abolished, at least the child must not be deprived from receiving education.

There are so many organization active in Bangladesh working for child rights and child education like UNICEF, Save the Children, BRAC, World Vision, Chotoderbondhu and so on. Before we stop children to go to work we must ensure that they have enough food to eat, a house to live in so that they can easily go to school. Otherwise it can not be possible to reduce child labor. If we assure of the availability of food and a living to the poor children, no child will be interested to go to work.

Every child has a bright future, every child is a born hero. We may not make the whole world happy, but it is rather delighted to be a part of it. Love children, Love your Country. Dream big, think positively and never hesitate in donating for the poor. Lets all together make the world a kid's paradise where there must be a dictionary without the words child labor and poverty.

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