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Rated: E · Chapter · Teen · #2087550
This is story of a young teen boy Jake, who is getting fat.
It was the first of September. I woke up. Oh no, school is back, I thought. I put on black tight jeans and light red T-shirt. I went downstair and I had a breakfast. I ate about ten toasts with nutella. Then my mom came. "Luke will take you to school today." she said. "Wh-What? Are you serious?" I respond. "Jake, he is your brother, don't talk back.". I was angry. Speaking of the devil, my brother came to the kitchen. "Don't forget to take your snack, fattie." he said. Oh, shut up, Mr. Awesome. "Come on, fatboy, get to the car." he said. Luke's car was cheap, it was his birthday present, but he was working on it. At school I met another friend, Max (15 y.o., light brown hair, brown eyes, 5'9 and 140 lbs). He was wearing beige shorts ,white T-shirt with flowers and brown Vans shoes. "Wow, Jake, what happend to you?" he slaped my belly. "I don't remember you that big, you must have been eating all the day. I though that I have gained a lot, when I gained 10 lbs." said Mike. His gain was kinda noticeable because of his tight size S T-shirt. I could see shape of his belly and his nipples. "Well, you know, food, doing nothing.... Isn't your T-shirt too tight?" I asked. "Yeah, it is" he laughed "But I like this T-shirt". Then the school started. It was so boring. We went to the school dining room. We had chicken with fries and a piece of chocolate cake. I sat at the table with Max and Kyle. Kyle left me his piece of cake, because he didn't want it. He had football training after school, so I went out with Max. We sat down on the bench and started talking about our holidays. We both got hungry after an hour, so we went to the nearly fast food. We bought some burgers and went back to the bench. When we finished eating, I noticed something. "Max, look down." His belly was getting out of his T-shirt a little. "Wow e-e." he got red. He tried to fix this, but it didn't worked. He wasn't really fat, he was just flabby. Max took off his T-shirt, because it was too tight. He had layer of fat on his body, which made him to have 3 little fat rolls. "I'm bigger than i though" said Max. We spent the day with talking and it was afternoon soon. "Well, I need to catch my bus" said Max. "I walk with you to the bus stop" I offered to him. The bus stop was about 10 minutes of walk from here, but when we arrived, the bus was gone. "Oh no, we are late" he said. "Maybe we can go and chill at my home?" I said. "Sure, thanks Jake." he said. "No problem, let's go. It's not far from here." When we came to my house, it was empty. Luke was somewhere with his friends and parents went to the town. "We'll be there alone until midnight." I said. "Do you have something to eat and drink?" Max asked. "Yeah, sure, I'll order some pizza and bring you some coke." I said. My parents left me some money, so I have offered 6 pizzas. They arived in half an our. I felt so hungry I ate slice after slice and before I knew it, I finished my whole pizza. Max was only in half way of his one. I got my second pizza. In half way through it, I felt really stuffed, but I kept going anyway. I didn't wanted to waste the food. By this time Max had started the last slice of his first pizza. While I ate the third pizza, he ate his second. "I feel so full" he said. "I cannot eat another one.". "Me too, Max." How about we split it?". We shared the last pizza and idly lyed down on the sofa. I had to unbutton my pants, because they were too thight. My belly was sticking out. Max's T-shirt was rolled up, so his flabby belly and soft moobs were visible. We took out our pants and T-shirts, so we were only in our boxers. TBC
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