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A poem about waking up using drug slang.
Slowly, I become aware,
Dimly, of the morning light,
Velvet pillows beneath my head,
And the dreams I dreamed last night.

An involuntary stretch,
Sweet ecstasy up my spine,
Flexing my stiff arms and legs,
Zings clarity to my mind.

I bloom my mushy body,
I crack open my skag eyes,
The harsh smack of existence,
Rocks the chronic I despise.

I roll out of my warm bed,
A bold gamble with my life,
The nausea of whippets,
Gut me like a butcher's knife.

An icy stardust shiver,
Incites me to don my robe,
In a zombie state of mind,
With blind stagger-steps, I probe.

After a few beans of coffee,
Kick start my window pane brain,
I text my love, 'Good morning, Hon!'
And finally, I feel sane.

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