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Rated: E · Poetry · Community · #2087706
a view of our world and what is needed, what is wrong with it. snapshot! quills winner

Signature image for finalists in the 2016 Quill Awards
250 words
60 lines

Love thy Neighbor
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

The violence is everywhere
It’s tearing me apart
In the churches, in the schools
No one follows the golden rule

Snipers randomly shooting down
Innocent citizens hitting ground
Black hates white, white hates black
Jews, Muslims, Christians they all lack

Love and compassion to join as one force
Fight our demons and set a new course
Bring together a world with no war
Stop treating earth as if it’s a whore

Be able to walk the streets day and night
Not be worried or overcome with fright
Raise your children, teach them to love
All their neighbors come push and shove

Shepherd the earth and keep it well
Only time will tell
We’ve polluted our fields and our streams
We’ve taken from God’s dream

He gave this earth as a home so pure
We’re destroying it, turning it to a sewer
Robbing coal and oil
Poisoning the soil

This world has just gone mad
Each generation has had a fad
Children no longer play
They worry each day

Will the world soon end
It’s man’s doing you can depend
He’s writing his own destiny
The outcome in his hands you see

It can be turned around
Everybody make a sound
Say stop to hate,
Try to relate

Make your little piece of earth clean
Help others sight unseen
Realize we are just one race
Humans from every place

Each one bleeds red
Listen to what I’ve said
“Love thy neighbor
As you love yourself.”

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2087706-Love-Thy-Neighbor