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A short poem concerning the thoughts of some people regarding the tragic flaws of humanity
The Misanthrope

Finding frailties in all,
no love lost for the human race,
instead of suicide,
he would rather kill everyone else.

A beast ravages and erodes
the little goodness left in mankind
rendering man useless at best,
evil at worst.

What became of morals and ethics,
knowing right from wrong,
showing respect to earn respect,
and helping others?

Murder, lying, greed,
hate and insolence,
exploitation of innocents,
reigns through-out society.

Rejecting the corrupt nature
of humankind,
he values integrity,
selflessness and authenticity.

Call him a loner, a recluse,
or an outsider;
he is just someone with
a deep sense of sadness.

He is hated for what others
refer to as his superiority,
he cares little what they think;
he is a misanthrope

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