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What mainstream news reporters don't want you to do...
No, please don't think.
Our information doesn't stink!
We give out good advice,
So let's just all play nice.

Don't think.

Let your brains go squish!
Adjust your satellite dish.
We'd like your heads to be full of goo.
You'll receive benefits from our mind-screw!

Don't think.
It's forbidden.

We know what's best for you!
You'll like what we tell you to do!
Deciding on your own's a waste of time.
Obey, and do not commit this crime.

Don't think.
It's forbidden.
You shouldn't even say that word!

Don't get our corporation bosses mad,
Or else things might get really bad.
Don't revolt. Conform!
Let us do our job; inform.

Don't think.
It's forbidden.
You shouldn't even say that word!
Try feeling instead!

We don't tell lies.
That's ridiculous!
We don't inflict fear.
Don't be foolish!
We're not shills!
Your safety matters to us!
There's no need to accuse.
Stop making a fuss!

Stop it, you thought criminal!
Stop it, you sassy radical!

What will you do without our news?
What would we do if we get no views?

Auuuugh, that InfoWarrior!
We really do not like her!
Makes us want to pull out our hair!
She keeps exposing our
Psychological warfare!

Well, Common Core ought to help,
To mold people through mental health...
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