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A baby was adopted by White Americans, taught to live there ways.

Chapter One

"Hey Rancho, how are you doing?" asked Brandon.

"I am fine thank you," Rancho walking towards the store.

"How is that adopted son, Running Toad doing, he hasn't decided to take your hair has he?" asked Brandon.

"No he is not like that, we are raising him better," said Rancho.

"It doesn't matter what you do, or how you raise him, he's an Indian, and he'll become a killer no matter what you do, you can’t tame the wild," said Brandon.

"You’re wrong, you are just afraid of what is different," Rancho walking into the store.

Back on the farm Rancho's wife, Martha was putting the baby, Running Toad into his crib and tucking him in, and then there was a knock at the door.

"Just a minute," said Martha.

She walked and opened the door.

"Michael, what do you want?" asked Martha.

"Where is your son?" asked Michael.

"Why, he is sleeping?" asked Martha.

"He has to go back, he can't stay here, when he grows up, everything will change or go wrong, you think you raised him right, but wait until he gets older, he'll have the urge to kill, maybe even go to town and burn it down or kill you and Rancho, it’s in his blood, you can’t change that," said Michael.

"Your wrong, he is a good baby, and he will be good when he is an adult," Martha slamming the door.

"Alright ma'am, you wait, and you'll see a change in him," said Michael getting on his horse and riding back into town.

Back in town, Rancho walked into the dress store, he was getting a nice dress for Martha.

"Howdy Rancho, how's the little guy doing?" asked the Storekeeper.

"He is doing great, thank you, Brandon and Michael are giving me fits about him," said Rancho.

"Yeah, that's what war will do to you, there is no changing them, they hate Indians, even if they are civilized now, they will still try and kill one if they had a chance, there so far into the past and not focusing on what’s a head, they are afraid," said the Storekeeper.

"Yes, that's what I told Brandon, that he was afraid of what's different, how much do I owe for the dress I ordered?" asked Rancho.

"That would be a dollar," said the Storekeeper.

"Here you go," Rancho handing the storekeeper a dollar for the dress.

"Thank you," said the Storekeeper putting into his cash register.
Rancho said good bye and walked out and went on his way home.

Chapter Two
As he arrived home he went to put his horse up in the barn for tonight and walked back to the house.

"I have something for you," said Rancho.

So she sat down at the table and opened her present.

"Oh its beautiful honey, thank you, but how could you afford this with the money we have?" asked Martha.

"I've been saving up to buy you something nice and I did," said Rancho.

"Thank you, I love it very much, thank you," said Martha.

"Your Welcome sweetheart," smiled Rancho.

As the baby was sleeping, Martha and Rancho went outside and sat down in there rocking chairs on the porch watching the sun go down until it was dark. Then they came back inside and went to sleep.

Next morning the baby was crying, Martha quickly got up and fed the baby some milk and he was happy. When he finished he smiled and it was the cutest smile nothing but gums. Martha took him outside and sat down on the rocking chair it was a nice warm day. Then Rancho came outside and sat down also.

As they were sitting down they saw two men on horseback coming up on their land, then they got closer up to the house.

"Brandon, Michael, what are you doing here?” Rancho asked in anger.

"I am just saying you need to give that baby back to his own people, before it’s too late," said Michael.

"Look you’re afraid, I know, but he will not be the kind of Indian that you think he will be, he will be a good boy," said Rancho.

"Were not afraid of him, were afraid of what he might do to our town and the people in it, we warned you, you wait too long he'll turn on you both," said Brandon.

"Leave now," demanded Rancho.

So Michael and Brandon rode back to town to have a couple of beers.

"Why do they have to be so cruel?" asked Martha rocking him.

"They hate the Indians, they think just because he's an Indian he will automatically kill the whites when he grows," said Rancho.

"But our son will be a good boy," said Martha.

"Yes he will, he will not do anything to harm anyone or anything," said Rancho.

It was dark, so they walked inside and put Running Toad the baby in his bed and went to bed as well.

As they were sleeping Michael and Brandon came to the baby's window, Brandon went inside, he stood over the crib and the baby woke up crying, Brandon quickly grabbed the baby and was about to go out the window when Rancho came walking in.

"BRANDON! Get out of my house put my son back in its crib NOW!" shouted Rancho.

Martha came running inside as well.
Brandon threw the Running Toad toward Rancho, and Rancho quickly caught before Running Toad hit the floor.

"It’s alright, shush, you’re alright, daddy's got you," said Rancho cuddling him and holding him tightly.

So they took Running Toad to their room and went back to sleep.

Chapter Three
Next morning Martha woke up with baby, and went into the kitchen and started to feed the baby, Rancho got up and put his clothes and coat and went to town to tell the Sheriff.

"Sheriff, I need you to arrest Michael and Brandon?" asked Rancho.

"What happened?" asked the Sheriff concerned.

"They broke into my house and tried to take Running Toad, my baby from me," said Rancho.

"I'll go see them, there living in the war again it seems," said the Sheriff walking over to the saloon.

"Thank you Sheriff," said Rancho.

"Alright, Michael, Brandon, get up, you both are under arrest for trying to kidnap Rancho's son," said the Sheriff.

So they both stood up and smiled and went with the Sheriff and Randy, the Sheriff's deputy.

"Why did you break into his home and try to still his son?" asked Randy.

"When that baby grows up he will be a killer, he will burn the town down and everyone in it, when that day comes we will be ready to take action, once again, like we did in them Indian fighting," said Michael.

"Michael that is long gone, they are all on Reservations now, we have had no trouble with the Indians, there are some that come here and trade, he will not be a wild Indian, he was taken when he was not even a year old," said Sheriff.

"What, you to?"' asked Brandon.

"You two need to stop living in the war times and come back to the future, you guys are afraid of what's coming and what is different," said the Sheriff.

"You and the whole town are going to be sorry, you’re going to regret it," said Michael.

So the Sheriff shut the iron door and went back to playing his chess game. Years and years have come and gone Running Toad never did do anything that Brandon and Michael said, he was a good lad, went to school, made friends, making good grades. As they were sitting down around the table eating a knock was at the door.

"Hello Rancho, how are you doing?" asked Aunt Darlene.

"Good, come on in," said Rancho.

"Thank you," said Aunt Darlene.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" asked Rancho.

"No, were fine thank you," said Darlene's husband.

"Hello sister?" asked Martha.

"Hello Martha darling, Running Toad," said Aunt Darlene.

"Hello Aunt Darlene," Running Toad giving her a hug.

"Were moving to Arizona," said Darlene's husband.

"Really, that's a big step Darlene," said Martha.

"I know, but it’s a beautiful place," said Darlene.

"Well, do keep in touch," said Rancho.

"We will, we'll write you letters and write when we have arrived," said Aunt Darlene.

"Good keep us posted," said Martha.

"We will," said Aunt Darlene.

"Whoa, where are you going son, put your gun up, you know you’re not supposed to have that, you’re supposed to ask me first?" asked Rancho.

"I want to go with them, to protect them against them Indians, I heard that the Indians in Arizona jumped the

Reservation and now is going up and down Arizona burning settler’s homes, I just want to go to protect them on the way there and when the get home protect them there from them renegade’s," said Running Toad.

"We will be find sonny, I promise, we will write on the way, and when they arrive in Arizona we will write also," said

Darlene's husband.

"Yes we will be alright," said Aunt Darlene.

"Alright," said Running Toad.

"Now go inside and put that away before someone gets hurt," said Rancho.

"Yes sir," said Running Toad.

"Good bye Martha darling," said Aunt Darlene.

"Good bye," said Martha.

"Rancho you take care," sad Darlene's husband.

"You also," said Rancho.

Then they walked to their wagon and rode away. It started to get late so they cleaned up and went to bed.

Chapter Four
It was early morning, it was a beautiful morning, and the birds were chirping and flying around. Rancho and Martha went inside as Running Toad was chopping up the wood for the fire place. Out of nowhere comes this Indian warrior on a fast horse, Running Toad quickly ran inside before the Indian warrior could bend down and grab him.

"Dad, some Indian warrior tried to grab me," Running Toad grabbing his gun and looking out the window.

"Are there anymore?" asked Rancho grabbing his gun and looking out the back window.

Martha looked out the kitchen window to see as well.

"I don't see anything son," said Rancho.

"Okay," said Running Toad putting his gun up.

"Now it’s safe now, do you want to go to town with me?" asked Martha.

"Sure, at least I got some of the wood chopped up," smiled Running Toad.

Rancho stayed on the farm to finish the fence around the farm. Martha and Running Toad went to the barn and saddled up two horses and put them on the wagon and rode to town. As they arrived to the store, three men watched Running Toad and Martha go inside the store.

"Hello Martha, Running Toad, what can I do for you?" asked the Storekeeper.

"I need a bag of flour please?" asked Martha.

"Alright," the Storekeeper walked to the back of the store to get the flour.

As he went back the three men walked inside.

"Hey pretty lady, what's your name?" asked the man.

Then Running Toad stood tall beside Martha.

"Martha, and this is my son Running Toad," said Martha proudly.

"Your son, he's an Indian, I never thought I would see a white woman have an Indian for a son," said the man.

"What is wrong with that?" asked Martha.

"Well ma'am, there killers, you just don't see an Indian dressed up like a white man, and talking like us," said the man.

"I am not a killer," said Running Toad.

"I am impressed,” said man two.

"Let’s go," said the man.

So they left, and the storekeeper came back with the bag of flour.

"Here you go, twenty five cents?" asked the Storekeeper.

"Here you go, thank you," said Martha.

"Your welcome, and you both have a blessed day," said the Storekeeper.

"You also," smiled Martha leaving the store.

"Mother why was it a shock to them that I was your son?" asked Running Toad in confusion.

"A lot has changed with the White Americans and the Native American Indians, both sides did a lot of damage to each other, children as well," said Martha.

"Well I am not like that, I am different," said Running Toad.

"Yes I know dear," said Martha.

So they rode away back to the farm. As they arrived they saw a wagon.

"I didn't know we were having company?" asked Martha.

So they pulled up to the house and walked inside. They saw two men with papers sitting at the table.

"What is going on?" asked Martha.

"Sit down, they need to talk to us," said Rancho.

Chapter Five
"I bet your wandering what we are doing here?" asked Ronald.

"Yes we are," said Rancho.

"Were here on behalf of Running Toad and his safety and needs," said Ronald.

"Oh," said Rancho.

"It’s time to take him to the reservation, where his people are," said Ronald.

"You’re not taking him anywhere, we've had people try to take him from us, this is Brandon and Michael's doing," said Rancho.

"No its not, were doing it for the best interest for Running Toad," said Ronald.

"Unless you want the blue coats to take him by force to a boarding school," said Light Water.

"I am not going nowhere, these are my parents, my home, I go to school here, I made friends here," said Running Toad crossing his arms.

"Don't you want to know who you are, and your people," said Light Water.

"I know who I am," said Running Toad.

"Really, who are you then, who are your people?" asked Light Water.

"I am a human being just like my parents and yourself," said Running Toad.

"You’re a proud people, of the Oglala Sioux tribe," said Light Water.

"I don't care, I am still not going, this is my home," said Running Toad getting angry.

"Just sign these papers and we'll take him before the blue coats take him," said Ronald.

"If he does go, you make sure he gets good food and make sure he has a blanket with no holes in it," said Rancho.

"We'll make sure of that," said Light Water.

"No father!" yelled Running Toad.

"I'll be right back," said Martha leaving the kitchen.

She went to her bed room and pulled out a box from under her bed and grabbed three photos that were inside and brought them to the kitchen.

"This is where you came from, this is your home," said Martha.

"This is a photo of your parents, and you when you were a baby," said Rancho.

"Learn all you can sweet heart," said Martha.

"But," said Running Toad.

"No buts go pack your things, its time," said Rancho.

He was angry, so he threw his clothes in a bag and walked out of the house and into the wagon.

"We will come and visit you soon, be good," said Martha.

"Yes ma'am," said Running Toad.

They said their goodbyes and they rode away.

Chapter Six
"So how old are you?" asked Ronald.

"I am eighteen years of age," said Running Toad.

"Wow," said Ronald.

"So where are we now, I see a town a head," said Running Toad.

"That town is the reservation, we are in North Dakota, you'll be staying with an Indian woman and her two children," said Light Water.

"North Dakota, my parents aren't going to visit me, its to far," said Running Toad.

"They will sonny," said Ronald.

"This Indian woman, does she speak English?" asked Running Toad.

"Yes very well," said Light Water.

"Good, cause I don't speak Indian," said Running Toad.

"You will learn over the years," said Light Water.

As they arrived they pulled up to the supply store and walked inside.

"I need a good blanket with no holes in it?" asked Ronald.

"Ha, your funny mister, very funny," said the boy handing him a blanket.

Then Ronald and Light Water took Running Toad to the woman's house he was going to stay in.

"Hello, this is Running Toad, he is going to be staying with you, he is eighteen years of age," said Ronald.

"Hello Running Toad, this is my son Lone Walker and my daughter Yellow Star," said Sky Woman.

"Hello," said Running Toad.

"Hello," said Lone Walker and Yellow Star.

"Well we must be going now," said Ronald.

"You’re leaving?" asked Running Toad.

"Yes, we have more business to do," said Ronald.

"You'll be alright, I promise," said Light Water.

So they left, Sky Woman invited Running Toad into her home.

"Please sit, we are about to eat, would you like to join us?" asked Sky Woman.

"Yes, thank you," said Running Toad with polite manners.

So they ate, it was getting late, they cleaned up and went to bed. Running Toad couldn't sleep very well, because he was not in his own bed, he was no longer what he called home.

Chapter Seven
The years have come and gone, Running Toad was now in his twenty's. He never did forget his parents that took care of him; all he wants to do is leave and go back home.

It was a nice sunny day on the reservation, in the store there was a well-dressed woman in the store, she was asking everybody in there if they knew a boy named Running Toad. They all said no politely of course. But this one man was being rude, saying, "why is a white woman looking for an Indian boy, he is probably burning homes or killing right now." Running Toad heard all the ruckus and walked inside.

"Leave her alone," said Running Toad.

"Why, she is looking for an Indian kid, a white lady, looking for an Indian, said the man. "I was only helping her out."

"No, you were being rude, and not respecting her," said Running Toad.

"What do you know about respect Injun?" asked the man.

"My mother told me," said Running Toad.

"I didn't know an Indian woman knew about respect," laughed the man.

"Running Toad lets go," said Yellow Star firmly.

So he walked out, Martha quickly ran out of the store and yelled.

"Son!" shouted Martha.

"Mom," whispered Running Toad.

Yellow Star looked at Running Toad and nodded her head and walked home.

"Son, I am glad to see, you have grown," said Martha.

"Yeah, when can I come back home?" asked Running Toad. "I know everything now."

"When you’re ready to come home, we'll be waiting," said Martha getting on her horse and riding away.
Running Toad walked back to Sky Woman's house and went in.

"Did you fight that man?" asked Lone Walker.

"No, your sister came inside," said Running Toad.

"Oh," said Lone Walker.

They started eating, it was late and they cleaned up and went to bed.
As they were sleeping the door on the house started to open and walked in a stranger, he was trying to be quiet but Running Toad heard him. So he got up and grabbed an object and hit the man over the head and fell down making a noise. It woke Sky Woman.

"What happened, are everyone alright?" asked Sky Woman frantically.

"Yes I am fine, he tried to steal from you?" asked Running Toad. "Do you know who he is?"

"No, I don't," said Sky Woman.

"I'll get the Sheriff, here take this, if he wakes up, hit him over the head," said Running Toad.

He ran out of the house and knocked on the Sheriff's door.

"Sheriff, somebody broke into Sky Woman's, he is on the floor, I knocked him out," said Running Toad.

So the Sheriff went with Running Toad to arrest the man that broke into Sky Woman's house.

"Alright up you go, you’re going to jail tonight," said the Sheriff.

"Thank you Sheriff," said Running Toad.

"Your welcome sonny, and goodnight," said the Sheriff.

"Goodnight," said Running Toad.

Chapter Eight
Next morning Ronald and Light Water came to the reservation. Running Toad didn't know they were back on the reservation. Ronald and Light Water went to the saloon in town and got a couple of drinks. Running Toad woke up and got dressed, and walked over to the saloon. He walked inside and went to the bar and sat down at the bar.

"Whisky?" asked the man slapping the bar.

The bartender handed him his drink, then he started to ask for more, so he gave it to him. Then he started to get loud and being rude and trying to start fights.

"Sir you’re going to have to leave, you had too much to drink," said the bartender.

"He is right, you need to leave before somebody gets hurt," said Ronald.

"Are you talking to me old man?" asked the man turning around.

"Sir you’re disturbing the peace," said Light Water.

"What do you know about peace Injun?' asked the man.

"I know a lot more than you do," said Light Water.

"You Injuns think you live in a sufficient world, well you don't, you Injuns think you know everything," said the man.

"Leave them alone," said Running Toad.

"Or what Injun?" asked the man.

"I'll go get the Sheriff," said Running Toad walking away.

"I am so scared," said the man laughing.

"Well go with you," said Light Water.

So they went to go get the Sheriff.

"Sheriff a man in the saloon is starting trouble," said Ronald.

So the Sheriff quickly walked over to the saloon.

"What's going on here?" asked the Sheriff.

"That man is messing my saloon up," said the bartender.

"Alright, come on sir, you had too much to drink already," said the Sheriff.

The man looked at an empty bottle of whisky and threw at the Sheriff, the Sheriff quickly pulled his pistol out and shot the glass it shattered and went everywhere. Then three men sustained him and the Sheriff quickly handcuffed him and took him to the jail house.

"Ronald, when can I go home?" asked Running Water.

"What? You are home," said Ronald.

"No I want to go home to my family, I know I am an Indian now and where I come from, but I am ready to go home and see my family," said Running Toad

"Alright sonny, you do what you think is best, but when you go back, they will still see you as an Indian not a white man," said Ronald.

Then Running Toad went back to Sky Woman's house and sat down at the table and started eating. Running Toad did not eat much.

"What' the matter?" asked Sky Woman.

"I am sorry, I just want to go home," said Running Toad.

"You don't like it here?" asked Sky Woman.

"I do, it’s great," said Running Toad.

"So," said Sky Woman.

"I have a mother and father, a family that misses me very much. I want to go home. So I am leaving tomorrow morning," said Running Toad getting up from the table and going to his room, they all got up from the table and went to bed.

Chapter Nine
Next morning Running Toad woke up real early and took his things and left. He walked for about three days, when he came to a town in Wyoming. He stopped and rested inside an old abandoned barn. When dawn came he was on his way home to Montana.

When he arrived in Montana he saw Martha and Rancho walk into the store. So he walked towards the store window and peeped inside. He watched Martha and Rancho go to the back of the store and he walked inside and greeted the store keeper. Then he went in the front of the shelf's and started watching them.
Rancho and Martha walked up to the front to pay for their belongings.

"I am looking for a little Indian boy named Running Toad, I heard he lives here?" asked Running Toad.

"Look mister," Rancho turning around, "Son."

"Let’s go home," said Running Toad.

"Were glad and so happy your here, we've missed you a lot," said Martha.

"Me to, I just couldn't stop thinking about you guys," said Running Toad.

When they arrived home Running Toad saw a little girl chasing the chickens trying to catch one. The little girl is three years old, with red chubby cheeks and a blue dress on

"Who is that?" asked Running Toad.

"She is your new baby sister, her name is Nakuma, she is three years old," Martha got out of the wagon.

She stopped chasing the chickens and ran towards Martha.

"Momma," said Nakuma running wobbly towards her.

"Sweetheart this is your big brother he's been away for a long time, but he is home now," smiled Martha.

"Brother," said Nakuma looking up to him.

"Hello," said Running Toad bending down to her level.

"Let’s go inside and I'll cook something to eat," said Martha picking her up and taking her inside.

They all went inside and ate, when finished they cleaned up and went to bed.
Chapter Ten
Next morning they took Nakuma to her first day of school. Like Rancho did with Running Toad, he waited, he watched Nakuma walk inside, he waited just in case they sent her out because she was an Indian, but they didn't, she went and sat down, and she waved through the window at Rancho, Martha and Running Toad.

When they dropped her off they went to the store and looked around. Then all of a sudden Brandon and Michael walked in. Rancho watched Michael go to the back of the store where Running Toad was looking at some books. Brandon stood and watched Rancho and Martha with an evil look on his face.

"Hey there red man?" asked Michael.
Running Toad turned around and looked over towards Martha and Rancho and then back at Michael.

"Move out of my way Brandon! Rancho yelled.

"Your boy is fine, he is a big boy now, he can take care of himself," said Brandon smiling.

"What are you looking at red man, you probably don't remember me, but my friend and I use to try to take you back to where you belong and to help our town and people inside the town, but they wouldn't listen, I told them this day would come," said Michael.

"Help them with what?" asked Running Toad.

"You really don't know do you, to save them and the town from you," said Michael.

"From me, why?" asked Running Toad.

"Look kid, you’re an Indian right? Right, Indians will do anything in their power to kill or protect their land we live on, they killed our families, grandmothers, grandchildren, children, women and men, young and old," said Michael.

"That's not how I was raised, I'm better than that, I know where I came from and what happened, but I am not that way," said Running Toad.

The storekeeper slowly walked sideways towards the window and spotted the Sheriff. The storekeeper had a small mirror in his pocket, he took it out and let the sun hit it just right and shined it at the Sheriffs face. The Sheriff looked at the storekeeper through the window across the street, the storekeeper pointed and the Sheriff quickly walked towards the store and walked inside.

"Brandon, where's Michael?" asked the Sheriff.

"I don't know," said Brandon sarcastically.

The Sheriff walked to the back.

"Alright Michael leave him alone and his family, come on," said the Sheriff.

"I'm telling you Sheriff, he will kill them and wipe us all out," said Michael walking away.

"Some people can't stay away from the past," said the Sheriff walking away.
Rancho, Martha and Running Toad left the store and rode up to the school house. She ran out of the school with a smile on her face. Running Toad got off and helped Nakuma get on the wagon, and they went home.

As they arrived home, Running Toad had some chores he had to do or finish up.

"I'll go feed the horses, and put them in the stables," said Running Toad jumping off the wagon.
Running Toad took the horses back to the stables and fed them and started to walk back to the house.

"Nakuma, come on, mommy needs to give you a bath," said Martha.

"No," pouted Nakuma crossing her arms.

Running Toad slowly walked up to Nakuma and picked her up from behind.

"Listen to mom, you have to take a bath," said Running Toad carrying her to the house.

Martha gave Nakuma a bath, and they all went to bed. When everybody was sleeping, a crash noise came through the window, and then a fire rose up. Rancho quickly got out of bed with Martha and Running Toad got up and ran to Nakumas room who was up crying, Rancho quickly grabbed her and ran towards the kitchen door, when small pieces of wood started to fall off the roof, Nakuma was screaming and is scared, then they took a step and a fire rose up in front of them, Rancho quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped Nakuma in it, and he ran through the fire, and laid Nakuma far away on the ground and ran back inside. Running Toad looked at Rancho and Martha, he ran through the fire and outside to Nakuma, picking her up.Rancho and Martha held hands, as they were about to run through, then the roof caved in, making a bigger flame, Rancho and Martha looked across the fire, and saw Running Toad yelling.


Rancho shook his head and bent down with Martha on their knees, and wrapped their arms around each other and closed their eyes. Their house went up in flames and came crashing down.

Nakuma was crying and scared, Running Toad went to the barn with her, and grabbed two horses, one horse they rode together and the other followed, they rode to town to tell the Sheriff.

"Do you know who did it?" asked the Sheriff.

"Yes, Brandon and Michael," said Running Toad in anger.

"I'll have my deputy round up a posse, and go after them, I will see them hanged," said the Sheriff.

"Good, if you don't catch them, I will, and I'll do my own hanging," said Running Toad.

"Where will you go?" asked the Sheriff.

"I don't know somewhere up in the mountains," said Running Toad.

So they rode away to the back part of Montana, away from the town away from civilization. Running Toad killed a lot of animals for food and shelter. As she grew, he taught her how to hunt and pick the right berries, like how to hunt for a bird or a rabbit.

One night they were sleeping, Running Toad was having a dream about the fire and his parents and it woke him up.

"You were having another dream about mom and dad again," said Nakuma.

"Yes, I miss them to, go back to sleep," said Running Toad.

They both went back to sleep.

One day Running Toad will get his revenge, but for right now he'll protect and teach his sister the old ways, before they are completely gone. He is letting the Sheriff do his job, but if he fails, Running Toad will take it into his own hands.

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