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Welcome to my portfolio.
Hello, my name is w0lfbane,

I'm inviting you to join my latest campaign.
Lately, I'm dropping all kinds of poems like rain.
Believe It or not, you are helping me change my game.

Let me show to you the many creations that I have.

Someday, I hope it would propel me to fame.
Within you I plant seeds, the size of a grain.
Maybe you will remember my name.

I hope the writing and visuals are fab.

I'm trying to get things inside your mind going bang.
I see that your looking, and that's a great thang.
Yes, I said that with a country twang!

I don't want to become another star on a slab.

As I am letting these thoughts out of my brain.
It's draining the madness, keeps me from going insane.
I'm trying to reach my goals before I am slain.

Are you reading all this blab?

Thanks for visiting the portfolio of w0lfbane@writing.com


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