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Watch your step
I need to read what I've already written. That's the message I got last night. If what I read is only written by others, then my growth is stunted. I cannot rely only on the thoughts of friends and strangers when I have so much available to me in my own hand. My Lord, Jesus, is the author of my work, and when I write what he tells me, I can reflect upon it as the words go on the page. Some things stand out there as they do in other writing by others. Often, my transcriptions from Jesus, my "writing," includes repetition of ideas and themes.

One idea that has occurred repeatedly(and still does) is found in the gospel of Matthew. In chapter 28, verse 20, Jesus states, "I will be with you always."

Always is a word with power. Always is an absolute term, one with no wiggle room or cause for misunderstanding. Absolutes are non-negotiable in their meaning. Sometimes, frequently, usually, rarely, and infrequently are more flexible terms than always. Always is ever-present. The ground beneath my feet does not fail me. When I step down, there is something solid to stand on.

My son's high school graduation was held at the local concert arena, a place that hosts artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Garth Brooks. I forgot to note what balcony I was sitting at and went into the upper stands to spot my husband. The only people up there were two security guards. As I walked along the front row, I missed a step and fell. The rail provided something for me to crash against and I saw bruises in my future. My attempt to rest my steps on air resulted in an unpleasant fall, but there was something to keep me from falling further---the floor.

I didn't look where I was headed and found myself falling. The railing kept me in the stands. The floor beneath caught me as I headed down. One day the arena and it's safety railings will be gone. They are only here part of the time, as the forest that once occupied that area is gone now. But the ground, no matter what it supports, is not going away. That is the meaning of always. And Jesus is that ground. He is with me---you---us---always.

"On Christ the solid rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand."

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