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A shadow unleashed by witches hovers
Brass was at the computer. He walked over to Velma and placed the HS device on her. He had made some adjustments. Brass explained that he had done some checking around and questioning among the community. "Everyone is under the consensus that you went back to the home planet. It is in the ship log that you left the home planet and returned to planet earth. According to key personnel you returned to earth but you went to the realm of the seven world evils and never came back, this was not told to the populace yet.

She was wearing a flame colored dress with solid tan shoes, no sleeves. The dress ended midway above her knees. No waist or belt, it was dressy but also suitable for summer. The dress shade varied enough not to conflict with her hair. He had a profile view as she observed the room. "So your business is also your place of residence?" she asked. "Actually I just kind of crashed for the night Chris answered. "Can I get you a glass of poison he asked? walking toward the bar. "Yes, thank you," she said. "Antonia is not here, and we have not finished the catalog yet, may I ask how you heard of us?" She smiled her eyes causing him to wonder if he had met her before. "Luce and Associates she answered. He walked over to her with a drink, she had not moved from where she was standing. "What do you do? He asked. "I have a show I'm putting together and I'm looking for wardrobe options." Really he said, "you know, I feel as if I know you," Chris said. They started talking and went to sit on the sofa chairs.

Everyone had thought her performance was very mild. But Another woman Luna ______ had been even more tame, sitting and performing her song in a chair--If you were mine, if you were mine, it would not be a crime, to be together
. When Allena had entered the club with Rich, she had noticed that Jessa seemed upset. Eventually while Rich was otherwise occupied Jessa had stopped from handing out complimentary drinks to talk, and pointed out Luna who was standing at the bar looking around and explained that--"she comes here every now and then and sings, hangs, sits at the bar, but I think she is keeping tabs on the place and is related to people higher up. She pointed to the person performing, "she is the person that helped pattern and develop Rich Aldin, Her name is Jayne _______. Allena looked at her, she sounded kind of like the first act Avaya Bility, as she sang Life Life/Fate, live your life/ make your own fate/ here and now.

Time had passed. It was not quite dark, but the sun had subsided enough. Dana sat her glass of wine on the table and said. "We really have some common interests." Chris looked at her glass he had not noticed she did not drink out of it till now. " Yes, we really do have a connection," he agreed. "Would you like me to refresh your drink? He asked. "No I don't want to mess my lipstick," she said. She began to assemble herself as though she were going to leave. Chris began to look for a card to give her. "You know, he said I was on my way to dinner and a show," would you like to come along we could continue our discussion on this business venture. Dana thought about technically he was an outsider. But she decided to go. As they were about to leave she took a belt out of her handbag and wrapped it around her waist. now the dress was more form fitting. They went to dinner and a concert, then they went dancing. Dana took him to a late show at Donna Dora's because he was in the loop.

Rich was looking at the Music box. He looked at the ballerina on the top of it. He read an inscription on the box--.................................................

Brass had left the room for a minute. Velma got out of the hospital bed and went to the computer where she accessed her program, she made changes herself after studying the HS device using her gained knowledge as a result of Voray technology and her holographic form.

Daisy was on a computer. She used codes received during the reading in the woods to access information.

Dana wok up. She was looking at her watch. Chris was getting some lingerie. They were back at the room. She sat up and moved to sit on the rim of the bed. One thing had led to another. She tried on a few sets of lingerie, running in and out of the dressing room. "These are to die for she said, I'll take these." She got dressed. She was fixing her hair. "What about becoming a team? Chris asked. "We talked about this already, lets not complicate things, your too young, we have the business venture, you will find another girl for your idea." And she left.

Brass was in the laboratory, going over statistics and data. "The mathematics of the whole thing would be the accepted or established flow of time." Brass was explaining via the ships communication intercoms to Jim. Jim was concerned that the meteorite had something to do with the problem, or that he could use it to help alter it. Jim said that dimensions and realms, and parallels may differ. "Here we may have left the general norm that we are accustomed too," Brass said.

Throwing up was no longer possible for Velma. She thought about food, nor was eating.

Blood and bones and Gore Mary thought. She had not been to work since the Florence Institute had suffered an explosion, she could not immerse herself in her work to occupy her mind. A lot had happened. Cohen her boyfriend as well as work associate was in an unresponsive state in the hospital. Frank had run away. Sophia was estranged and working somewhere else. Pete's was deceased. Sarah was also deceased. Everyone was under investigation. The strangest part--Mary had witnessed something weird she didn't like to think about it. An FBI agent was scheduled to talk with her about it.

Tim Nelson stood before the Queens platform, Bert was nearby. The Queen was on her throne. "Forgive my hospitality I need to redecorate." The castle was practically a barren cave inside. She tapped a consul in front of her and a male image appeared on a wall. Tim frowned trying to remember. One of the ladies in waiting walked up with a gold chest. The queen took what appeared to be a gold coin out of it. "I hope we can resolve the bad blood between us so that we don't need a silver bullet," she said. She looked at the coin tapped the console and a cage descended from the ceiling. There was a woman in it. She had red hair, and was tall and slender. The cage opened, she ran out the cage and out the door. The male image was a word artist he rapped"So here we are now in the mouth of hell, are task our mission is that we live to tell...............

Floral and some of the other girls had started cleaning up around the area due to the stomach upsets.

Tim followed her out the door, she had stopped, and was standing with her back to him, something began to develop around her, trees, greenery etc. is this a forest, am I asleep, is this the wilderness, how do I recall.Tim went back to the castle and Bert was beginning to perform with the video word artist--Solid Gold, let me tell, --the rapper said so much loot from the gold rush, and back to Bert--Solid Gold, let me tell you the rundown, so much loot to go through, let me tell you the breakdown, so many stories to tell, recycled solid gold so much loot, I found a dancing star...................

Valerie Bright had received an email about needing girls for a circle ceremony from Annette Farida. An Oc that had been assigned to Iris ------- to help her adapt, Lorraine ---------- looked at the printout, it was headed by Linda Novic.

"What the hell is on there," Grace exclaimed to herself, some drunk had left crap all over the restroom around the toilet, she couldn't even touch the flusher. "There are some things I just won't do she said to herself and called for someone else to clean the restroom. Lord knows she has enough to deal with, with upchucks. She had temporarily been placed back at the bar. She walked into the bar room with a mop and bucket, the place was fairly empty, there was a lone woman at the bar.

Darlene took a drink from her glass. The place was barely inhabited right now. The bartender was mopping the floor. Her and Chris had broken up. She had a copy of reality magazine sitting on the bar near her. The root again of her problems. So much for a wealthy union at this point. She was practicing for her opening performance, Luce had hooked her up with a woman to work with on her act.

Chris Fargo was dialing Luna. "Hello,"she answered. I know I need to schedule an appointment for your wardrobe fitting. "Do you have a date? she asked. "I was thinking about having met you at the Club on show night, and I think we should have dinner together," he said. Luna thought for a minute. "Sure I'm into you," she said.

The Taxi driver came back to the driver seat, he had a grimace on his face. What was it? Mary asked. "It was road kill the driver said getting back into the car. Mary taken a ride down by where the old gang use to frequently eat lunch. Even the diner had been damaged, as well as a few other businesses.

"Do you remember the inheritance? a voice asked. Velma came to awareness, she was standing in front of an Asian male who was seated on a wood floor with his legs crossed. Now she did remember. "When I first started this it was so simple, and now everything is so complicated Velma said. "You do not yet know what this is." He said.

Ann Greenberg was on a complimentary package at Las Viva. Harley was officially declared deceased. The investigating agent had vanished. Gail was working with Chris Knight on songs. It had been months now. Boyd ------- had been looking into getting her some work with a project they were developing at Las Viva. But Stephani Smith who was part of it got an offer from Valerie Bright and had bailed on it.

"I have seen so many things that I could not possible conceive of myself at this point that I almost don't know what to believe of the truth?" Velma said. "That is partly because you are at the hands of others," the male said. There was some recognition but Velma couldn't place who he was. Neither could he.

Luce was with Kara aboard ship. "Velma was the inspiration for these two he was explaining to her. "Do you want them transferred to the hotel?" Kara asked, referring to the two females eating in the quarters they shared. "I think a little more schooling is necessary then we will see." Luce answered. The two women were poison envy and evil Itis, nicknames. "We still need to name them of course. Luce said.

Velma looked around the room it was dark. She was trying to recall the realm of evils, and the magic required to accomplish even being there. She thought about what she had become. She thought about Green. What had happened to him. What is happening to him. She had conquered her possessor, so why was she so defeated? The possessor was the being in the dimension Green had been lost to. Does this mean the dimension can now be accessed? Or in this format was that awful gargoyle still in existence.

"Listen Janice you should not have let that perp go." Janice sat her coffee on her desk, and rifled through a file she pulled from a drawer. "He was a kid, and I could not get any information, that was the only lead I came by. Her Boss Matthew Collins, took the bag of colored powder in his hand and dangled it in front of her, "kids today are carrying guns, you should have brought him in." Janice was sitting at her desk now, "that is called CC, colored coke, Janice said. "That's what he told you?" Mathew said. "That's what he said," Janice confirmed. "This is some new bullshit," he said and had it sent to the lab.

Velma thought about Green and about how this had happened to her. She got married to Greene, then she realized she would not be able to have children. Then the new clerk was placed, and that was why she ended up at the retreat. Things were fine then people showed up. Velma remembered her mother. She remembered what had happened with David Gary the fitness instructor. Memory returned suddenly, Frank Brooks he got away. She started to calculate what to do and remembered officer Jeff Dean.

Alan and Anna were going over the remains of John Doe, they led to an agent with NCIS Carl Johnson.

Rich read the inscription, As lovers we star down a new road, hand in hand together maybe till we grow old......The sun was beginning to go down, he would just be fashionably late.

Chris and Luna went to dinner, hung out at the beach, and he even introduced her to gambling--card games.

The Queen was introduced in club wear dancing with her ladies in waiting, they finished, she retired to the castle with her ladies in waiting. Bert and Tim went to the underground console.

Janice Lindsey sat down at her computer and began typing in her report on the case. She thought about her daughter Drew and her erratic behavior. The last time she saw her she was in a cage doing a performance about being a caged bird because Janice told her to change how she dresses. That had been on her way to talk to Mr Jameson a dance teacher.

Iris thought about the king. Once Laana had revealed the transport door and this world to the king, because she is a bottle fairy (Genie). She took the Queen to see him at Las Viva. "You stole away with my heirs, he accused. "You were threatening to behead me the Queen defended, my childrens safety was an issue." The children were not with her and did not want to return to the kingdom without their mother. They talked. The king explained that she could never return to the kingdom, if she did she would be beheaded.

The woman walked through the woods, she couldn't remember much. She had no aim or destination. Who was she, why was she here. She noticed something ahead of her. She heard something. She looked around sharply and noticed eyes in the bushes several pairs of them. She ran back toward the castle. Shock settled as she noticed something running along with her obscured by the trees and bushes.

Velma thought about where to start. She remembered the retreat.

Kara was with Martha in the lab they were going over the physiology of the brain and how to add extra wiring as well as build artificial muscle.

Velma remembered where she had returned from and how the world had been developing. She remembered why she was here.

Velma thought about the Dream and how wrong things have gone. Remembering was almost like being a whole different person.
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