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Jimmy vanished for nearly seven years when suddenly he returned to his wife...
What Happened to Jimmy?

Susan and Jimmy were at Grandma’s house for their weekly Sunday dinner. All of their relatives had standing invitations. Inevitably, after dinner the men would gather around the TV and the women would be in the kitchen, washing dishes and gossiping. Jimmy was bored with the whole affair, but he would go just to stifle Susan’s incessant nagging. When rising from the table after the last dinner, Jimmy announced that he was walking to the gas station three blocks down the street to buy some cigarettes.

A few hours later, Jimmy’s extended absence was noted. Susan was fuming. After everyone left that evening, Jimmy still had not returned. Susan’s anger was turning into worry. She walked down to the gas station and the attendant did not remember seeing Jimmy. Now she was really worried. She drove home to see if he was there. The house was empty. She paced the floor waiting for him to come home. At 1:00 AM, she finally went to sleep, knowing he would sneak in the house. At 7:00 AM, she stared at the empty spot next to her and called the police. She was at the station filling out a report at 2:00 PM.

Six years and eleven months later, Jimmy had not returned home. The police investigation found nothing to report on Jimmy. There was no body, no money trail, no sightings, and no tips called in, despite a reward. Jimmy had simply vanished.

Susan hated Jimmy for destroying her life. She had to work two jobs and depend on relatives for hand-outs. She and her two kids had to move and ended up living in a shack out in the middle of nowhere. She had aged beyond her years. She was counting down the days until the seven year mark of Jimmy’s disappearance. Then she could legally declare him dead and collect his insurance policy of $250,000.00.

Susan had made a special garden in the back of the hovel, after moving there. She planted flowers and vegetables, and had made a huge compost pit. It was good therapy for her and helped provide fresh produce to eat.

With thirty days left, she had gone to the Sunday dinner, leaving the kids to spend the night. She was back at home sitting on the miniscule back porch in the dark. Susan heard something moving in the yard. Her hand went to her pocket which held a revolver. The shadow of a man appeared in the back yard. A voice said, “Susan? I’m home, honey,”

Not saying a word, she rose to meet Jimmy. He was walking around her garden and spinning lies. Suddenly, she offered him a cigarette, even lighting it for him.

As he inhaled deeply, she took out her gun and killed him. Fortunately, she did not have to drag his body because they had been standing by the deep compost pit.

Jimmy was never found and she collected the insurance money.

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